scorpio-sign-transparent Scorpios are calm, cool, collected and have a magnetic attraction going on which is why they’re also known as the sexist sign in the zodiac.  They know what they want and they usually get it.  They’ll remember your intentions and motives so watch out if you were less than genuine. Remember that they have stingers and pay back is a bitch. To celebrate our zodiac Scorpions, we have put together a list of cool, eclectic, funny and unique Scorpio gifts for men, women and kids.

17 Scorpio Themed Gifts

17 Scorpio Themed Gifts

VinylShopUS - Scorpio Vinyl Wall Art Framed Unique Zodiac Fashioned World Travel Gift Home | Unique Gift for Anniversary | Home Decoration

Scorpio Vinyl Framed Wall Art – This zodiac wall art  is among the coolest Scorpio themed gifts you can ever find anywhere. This custom made piece of art is made from a vintage recycled vinyl record which has been crafted into a unique and fun  re-purposed home decor art-piece.  This art will really help the atmosphere of your home and you’ll be contributing to our earth’s environment as well because recycling vinyl is expensive and toxic.

SCORPIO Zodiac Crystal Healing Set / Tumbled Stones and Wooden Geometric triangle shelf in Gift Box / Astrology Sign Scorpio Birth Stones

Scorpio Crystal Healing Set – This is a fabulous Scorpio gift for horoscope crystal healing set newbies. This Scorpio healing set includes crystal stones that will help the best energies that Scorpios have. It includes a Blue Aventurine to keep Scorpio’s nerves calm, Pyrite to focus their mature and honest positive intentions, Howlite to release heavy negative energies from old traumas and Rose Quartz to promote self-healing. The stones in this  set are not tiny, but they’re also not huge.  It includes a nice triangular shelf. Heal on.

Fineware Scorpio Zodiac Sign Wine Glass - 19 oz Tall Wine Glass Personalized with Your Birth Sign

Cool Designed Scorpio Wine Glass – This coolly designed wine glass is among the most perfect Scorpio gifts you can find anywhere. The beautiful and dangerous scorpion design and zodiac name is etched into the glass via sand-blasting so that shit’s not gonna fade. The glass is big and can hold just under 20 ounces of a generous pour of your favorite red or white wine. No wine, no life.

Kids Scorpions Are My Spirit Animal - Funny Scorpion T-Shirt 8 Royal Blue

Scorpions Are My Spirit Animal Tee – It’s quite obvious why the Scorpio zodiac sign is associated with the Scorpion, the constellation looks like a freaking scorpion. Just like Cesar Millan, the famed dog whisperer fixes the dog owners more than the dogs. Similarly, the  resourceful and loyal Scorpios who embody bravery, determination and stubbornness may have a leg up in this realm also. Did you know that scorpions can tell other creatures to back off by rubbing parts of their exoskeleton to create a sort of hissing sound? Our Scorpio zodiac friends can already channel their scorpion spirit animal’s messages, so back off bro.

Design the fashion for you Waterproof Women Casual Handbag Tote Bags,Zodiac Decor,Astrology Element Scorpio Ecliptic Path of Sun across Celestial Sphere Print,Black White.

Simple Casual Scorpio Totebag – This simple, elegant and waterproof Scorpio totebag is the perfect size for the Scorpio lady who wants to announce her strong-willed and mature personality. The colors are simple with a black and white design making it stylish and classy. It will also match with most or her existing wardrobe.  A perfect gift for the classy Scorpio woman in your life.

Funny Scorpio - Fire In My Soul - Astrology Humor - Water Bottle

Funny “Fire in my Soul” Scorpio Water Bottle – Fact 1, scorpions are mostly found in the desert. Fact 2, you need to drink water in the desert so you don’t dehydrate too much. Fact 3, this LMAO funny water bottle saying would be a perfect gift for any Scorpio woman that would admit it.  If they’re willing to say, “yes, that’s me”, it just proves their bravery.  This is one of the really funny Scorpio woman themed gifts available.

Zodiac and Astrology Signs, Birthday Horoscope Scorpio - PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets

Scorpio Collapsible Phone/Tablet Grip – This Scorpio themed gift is perfect. A grip and stand for phones or tablets that has a brilliant illustration of a scorpion, the constellation and sign of Scorpio on a black space background. The grip is collapsible and can provide a secure holding space for easy texting, calling, selfies, etc. It can also be used as a stand to watch videos, movies, take group photos or even a hands-free video calls. And it just looks damn cool.

Scorpio Mug - Jumbo 22Oz Zodiac Mug Astrology Decor Constellation Mug For All Horoscopes Signs. Coffee Mugs For Women, Perfect Horoscope Gifts Mug With Quotes. Bpa Free Porcelain Mug By Ankit

Large Scorpio Coffee Mug – It doesn’t look that big but this coffee mug is massive. It holds 22 ounces and it’s also deeper than you can see right now. See the “be amazing” phase? That’s the real stuff. Scorpios are intelligent deep divers with determined and decisive minds that focus on goals with clarity and co-create the strongest connections possible. This wonderfully themed coffee mug is a celebration of Scorpio accomplishments. Volume order discounts start at 2 units.

14k Yellow Gold Scorpio Zodiac Charm

14k Yellow Gold Scorpio Zodiac Charm – This is the one-of-a-kind awesomely stamped Scorpio charm with a full gram of 14K yellow gold in it. This scorpion charm is is not meant for everyone, but it is amongst the best of the best Scorpio gifts for him. So if you know someone who is worthy of this gift, then properly and calmly bestow this gift unto them. It will certainly make a statement no matter where he goes.

CQUAN CHI Womens 925 Sterling Silver Necklace Opal Jewelry Pendant Horoscope Constellation Scorpio Necklace Gifts for Women for Her Birthday Gifts for Wife Teen Girl Gifts Best Friend Necklaces

Scorpio Silver Opal Pendant Necklace – The gift you give has to rank among the most perfect gifts for Scorpio woman, right? She deserves the real McCoy so give it to her. C·QUAN CHI has crafted a beautiful Scorpio-themed sterling silver and opal pendant necklace. Just imagine this necklace on your loyal, and passionate Scorpio woman who is wearing only this necklace and a smile full of promises. The Scorpio woman in your life will cherish you and this gift.

Scorpio Mug - Zodiac Astrology Ceramic Coffee Tea Cup with Gold Horoscope Sign -11oz or BIG 15oz Drinkware - Perfect Decor Gift for Women and Men - 15 oz

Simple, Elegant Scorpio Coffee Mug – When a Scorpio man gives you a gift? What do you do? Give him a gift back! This clean and simple Scorpio zodiac design on a 15 ounce black coffee mug that shows the Scorpio zodiac sign in a beautiful gold-ish color on the black cup is the answer. It’s simple and will strengthen the bonds and connections you have for your man. This is definitely a great present for Scorpio man. Easy to order, easy to gift and easy to love your Scorpio.

LIWUYOU Engraved 3D 12 Constellation Crystal Colorful LED Light Musical Box, Music Base,Scorpio

Scorpio Colorful LED Light Music Box – This is definitely one of the most Unique Gifts Scorpio Man will ever receive. This is a music box that also has a 3D Scorpio theme with the scorpion, the star constellations and the Scorpio zodiac name. The music box send out notes in a rainbow of LED lights. Set it up in your family room or dorm room and dance away.

Gold Plated Zodiac Pendant Scorpio Necklace 24k Gold inscribed on Light Purple Crystal, 18"

Gold Plated Scorpio Pendant, Necklace and Chain – How to surprise a Scorpio woman? Give her an awesome gift that she’s not expecting. This gold plated solitaire necklace has a round cut Swarovski crystal that has 24k gold inscriptions of the Scorpion zodiac sign, the star sign and the Scorpio zodiac sign name. The details can be inspected with a small magnifying glass which is included. This pendant is available in three different colors; blue, brown, and purple. An 18 inch high-quality gold chain is included. This fine and detailed jewelry will definitely excite and surprise your Scorpio woman.

Scorpio Birthday Gifts - Scorpio Facts Funny T-Shirt

Funny Scorpio Facts T-shirt – How to surprise a Scorpio man? Does he like to laugh? Of course he does. Give him this Scorpio man gift. This Scorpio facts T-shirt has a great sense of humor as it lists the traits of Scorpios like the daily recommended nutritional value of food package. It has a funny list of Scorpio facts and comes in a wide range of sizes in five different colors.  Our favorite “fact” on this list is “Lie Detecting: 120%”. We actually think it’s more like 200%. Put a smile on your Scorpio man’s face as they proudly let everyone know who they are.

Handmade Scorpion Art Glass Blown Insect / Reptiles Animal Figurine - A

Scorpio Gifts SWTOR – This is among the Scorpio Gifts swtor, which means “Star Wars, The Old Republic”, which is a computer game that came out a few years ago developed by BioWare and published by LucasArts.  We have to admit, we’ve never played this game but this handmade blown glass scorpion piece of art seems like a creature that could fit tidily into the realm of this alternate gaming reality. This scorpion seems pissed off and looks like it’s about to stab someone with it’s tail stinger.  Just slip out the back, Jack…

YEHO Art Gallery Full Bedding Sets for Boys,Astrology Bedding Sets,Black and White Heraldry Zodiac Scorpio Image Graphic with Claws Stars Design,Include Bedding Sheets Set 4 Piece,Black White

Scorpio Black and White Illustrated Bed Sets – This cool black and white bedding set themed on the Scorpion zodiac sign is a great Scorpio giving gift. Men and boys like ugly and nasty creatures like scorpions.  I think they like the stinger too. What can you say? The illustrative artwork of the scorpions and especially their over dramatic claws might give some people funky and frightening nightmares. They come all four sizes – twin, full, queen and king. The material is lightweight but durable and really comfortable. Nothing puts you to sleep faster than a warm bed, silky sheets and curling up next to the hard exoskeleton of your pet scorpion. Sweet dreams.

Scorpio Astrological Sign 360 Degree Engraved Stemless Wine Glass

Scorpio Engraved Stemless Wine Glass – Among the best Scorpio Gifts, especially if they like wine, is this large and  heavy duty stemless wine glass that can hold over 20 ounces. It has a sarcastic and funny slogan etched into it that says. In the center of all of the zodiac signs is the scorpion to complete the well balanced design on this glass. If you’re both Scorpios, maybe you should get two so you don’t have to share the glass. Part of the packaging can be reused as two coasters.

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