cancer zodiac signWhen it comes to good gifts for Cancer women, consider these important points.  Cancer women are extremely caring and calm, sensitive and responsible doused in the affection and intuition of the water signs. They’re honest, trustworthy, loyal and care for their loved ones above and beyond the call of duty.

They’re extremely generous and family and home oriented. They’re also very alluring and there’s a reason they have a 69 in their star sign. Check out this list of good gifts for the ultra generous and affectionate Cancer woman who takes care of everyone.

26 Good Gifts for Cancer Woman

What Great Gifts Do Cancer Woman Like?

Here are 27 Ideas!

good gifts for Cancer woman

Cute Crab Casual Hoodie DressHere is one of the top good gifts for Cancer woman that you can chance upon. It’s a cute black pullover hoodie dress that will fit her perfectly and keep her warm when her partner is not there on a chilly night on the beach. It’s even cuter with the cartoon crab saying “I’m A Chef.” This apparel is a cross between a typical pullover sweatshirt hoodie and a short skirted dress that has a deep kangaroo pocket and a pull-string hood.

best gifts for Cancer woman

14K Round Cancerian Crab Pendant – A classy and beautiful pendant necklace is always at the top of the list of the best gifts for Cancer woman. Here is a 14 karat reversible round crab sign pendant that was handcrafted and polished that she will absolutely adore. Choose from four lengths of the dainty chain to ensure it fits right. You already know it will look beautiful around her neck.

Cancer woman gifts

My Dog Women’s Tank Top – Here is one of the best Cancer woman gifts you can come across. It’s an “I’d Rather Be with My Dog” women’s black muscle tank top. It has a witty illustration of her and her dog doing the yoga ‘downward dog’ pose.  We’ve actually seen a lot of dog owners and their dogs urging each other on with their yoga practices. Hopefully this trend will keep spreading. 

great gifts

Aqua Terra Jasper and Quartz Crystal Healing Bracelet – Here is one of the great gifts you can give to a lady crab. It’s a women’s Cancer bracelet with moon signs and water element charms for inner peace. This bracelet has hand-stamped zodiac element symbol charms and natural Aqua Terra Jasper and Crystal Quartz. These crystals help release negative energies, and elevates her mind, body and spirit into higher vibrations to help manifest intentions and abundances from meditation. Give her the gift of  amplifying and balancing her energies with this bracelet.

good gift

Personalized Cutting Board – This personalized cutting board with the zodiac sign and name carved into it is a good gift for her. It’s actually more than good. It’s a great gift for her because she loves to cook for her family and friends. It can also be personalized with a message or just simply her name on the side to make it even more special.

best gifts for Cancer zodiac

Women’s Cancer Zodiac Bracelet – Here is one of the best gifts for Cancer zodiac that you can discover for cancer support with courage and hope. The Smoky Quartz crystal on this bracelet will help her get grounded and the yin yang etching will harmonize and balance all energies. It also has hematite and bloodstone which can help heal blood flow disorders and Black Tourmaline which blocks and repels negative energies. It also has a affirmative stamped charm “believe”. That’s right, believe, conceive, and achieve.

Cancerian woman

Zodiac 3 Piece Travel Set – Here is a perfect gift for the Cancerian woman who likes to travel. It’s a crab-themed 3 piece travel set including a luggage tag, a passport wallet and a clear document clutch. Give her the gift of speedily getting in and out of baggage claim and customs easier and quicker with this convenient and practical gift.

best birthday gift for cancer woman

Leafael Crab Bangle Bracelet – This is absolutely the best birthday gift for cancer woman who likes bracelets. Here is a special edition superstar Crab-themed expandable bangle bracelet with Swarovski crystals and Siam Ruby Red birthstones. The cardinal water sign woman of Cancer interweave their mental, physical and spiritual realms into a celestial dance, creating their own reality. Part of their reality is this expandable and 14 karat rose gold plated bracelet.

Cancerian women

Crab Casual Totebag – A great gift for Cancerian women is this stylish and minimalist crab-themed casual  multipurpose totebag. It’s large and made of premium quality mesh neoprene so it’s soft and flexible. It can be rolled up without cracking and is perfect for a vacation but also suits the office.  It has sturdy and cool sailing rope handles. It can also be easily stowed away into a piece of luggage after the vacation.

great gift

Large Crab Coffee Mug – Here is a great gift for any crab ladies in your life –  mom, wife, daughter, grandma, lover. It has a great modern design centered on the crab zodiac sign on a large 15 ounce coffee mug. Make sure you select Design2 in order to get the crab version of this high-quality ceramic  coffee mug.

Cancer gift

Funny Mom Fuel and Juice Set – Here is a perfect Cancer gift for the busy and slightly stressed crab lady in your life. It’s a super cute and funny gift set that includes a coffee mug (Mom Fuel) and a stemless wine glass (Mom Juice). She likes her coffee and wine and it keeps her centered and on the rails of all the things she needs to juggle throughout the day. Support her quest in life.


Large Plush Beach Towel – Here is an over-sized gorgeous, soft, plush, thick beach towel that re-defines what a large comfortable beach towel can be. It’s one of the awesome gifts for Cancer that you can come across.  In fact, it’s perfect for both women and men Cancers and is perfect for the beach or any other outside gathering such as picnics or BBQs.

Cancerian Women

Large Inverted Umbrella – You know how much Cancerian Women love surprises. Surprise her again by gifting this one-button automatic inverted umbrella. The purple and white design synchronizes with the water energy of the crab lady and also incorporates the star constellation in the design. Give the gift of keeping out of the elements to her.

Cancer female

Constellation Earrings – Here is a great present for the Cancer female in your life. It’s a rose gold handmade pair of crab constellation earrings. These are beautiful earrings with rose gold plating over a 925 sterling silver base. Good materials, love and great craftsmanship will make her hope that she gets this as a present.


Funny Facts Coffee Mug – When it comes to presents for your Cancerian friend, here is a great gift for the lady who has a good sense of humor. It’s  a funny list of crab zodiac facts printed as a humorous nutritional facts label. What makes them so funny is that they’re all true! Our favorites are ‘Tell-It_like-It-Is’ and ‘Sweetest If Treated Well’, both at 200%.  Good for crab men too.

perfect gift

Long Leather Women’s Clutch – Here is the perfect gift for the Cancerian woman friend, girlfriend, lover, wife in your life. It’s a 8 inch long PU leather clutch with a cool design on the outside. It’s interior is black with a 3 sided sturdy zipper closure. It also has a large compartment that can hold lots of credit card slots, a couple of money compartments and a zippered inner pocket.

birthday gifts

Etched Stemless Wine Tumbler – Here is an etched wine tumbler that is one of the better birthday gifts you can give to her.  It’s a sand etched 21 ounce stemless wine tumbler with the crab-themed zodiac sign, name and arch-typical traits of the crab ladies inscribed right into the glass. It will become her favorite wine glass.

best birthday gifts

Deluxe Yoga Mat – When it comes to finding one of the best birthday gifts for the crab ladies, put this beautiful yoga mat at the top of the list of possibilities.  Here is a extra-thick, lightweight, durable and two-sided anti-slip crap-themed yoga mat. It provides a stable, ultra cushioned surface making it easier to have a great workout. It has a cool rainbow design to help her get balanced and rooted during her exercise sessions, whether it’s Yoga or Pilates or even just stretching. A practical portable bag for transporting it around is also included.

best gifts for Cancer zodiac

3-Piece Bedding Set – One of the best gifts for Cancer zodiac woman is this great cannibalistic and modern illustration of this crab-themed 3-piece bedding set. It comes with a duvet cover and two pillow cases and is available in various sizes. Give your Cancerian lady the gift of a perfect’s night’s sleep.  She’ll won’t be able to go to bed quickly enough with this bedding set waiting for her.

best gift for Cancer zodiac sign

Women’s Charm Pendant Necklace – The best gift for Cancer zodiac sign for women is Kate Spade’s Women celestial charm crab-themed pendant necklace. This pendant has pavè stones accents with the singular crab zodiac sign pendant and is gold plated.  She’ll feel like the gorgeous lady she is with this necklace hanging around her neck. It’s easy to take off and put on with a nice lobster clasp closure.

zodiac cancer gifts

Stoneware Collectible Large Cancer Mug (Set of 2) – Here is the best zodiac cancer gift that you can find. It’s handmade and strong drawing makes it’s unique and distinctive and one of a type. This is the best way for her to drinks teas or other concoctions that make her feel better and stronger and give her the courage to be a cancer survivor. The best part is that she gets a pair of two 16 ounce mugs and she can use them as she pleases.

Cancer woman favorite flower

Never Withered Red Rose – Do you know what the Cancer woman favorite flower is? If you know already, gift it to her. If you don’t know, check out this incredibly cool gift. Here is a preserved red rose flower that will stay fresh for 3 to 5 years without withering. The trick is that they’re dehydrated so as long as you keep it clean and indoors, it should last for many years. The gift box it comes in is also it’s forever resting place, a retro styled pewter holder. How cool is that?

zodiac sign products

Leather Journal Gift Set – One of the best zodiac sign products is this fabulous and fashionable with genuine high-quality horse leather. It includes a great gift box and includes the journal, a pen and a cool genuine book marker so s/he can start off where they left off the last time they made an entry. It comes in two sizes, 7×5 inches of 8×6 inches. This item is made very well made and is built with solid materials. It’s a fabulous size for backpacking or to toss in a laptop bag or a smaller rucksack.

couples zodiac gifts

Set of 2 Personalized Wine Glasses – Here is set of two personalized wine glasses that can hold 20 ounces of the nectar of the gods and it’s the perfect couples zodiac gifts. Some buyers thought the personalized names were to small to see easily and the manufacturer took back there order and sent them a new one with a larger font. So just request larger engraving if you want the same treatment when you place your order. Can you really find a better gift for the newlyweds or even yourself for an anniversary or any other life milestone you want to celebrate with wine.

zodiac gift box

Pillar Candle Bundle of 3 – When it comes to a great zodiac gift box, what can be better that this great set of reiki charged energy candles. These 3 Reiki charged herbal magic pillar candles have affirmations and inspirational messages written on them and have been prayed upon by the makers. These candles are hand-made and just in case you’re not understanding this, the 3 affirmations are – Manifest a Miracle, Healing, and Positive Energy. Try them out and you’ll see the light.

zodiac Cancer gift

Unique Framed Handmade Paper Quilling Art – The harmonious and balanced zodiac Cancer gift is the best wall art you can give them. There is love in this gift because the colors on this hand made piece of art are also harmonious to their energies. It has a great blend of soft and strong colors that accentuate the type of balance appreciated by them. It’s a unique gift that will work in one of your rooms. Check it out.

best gifts for a Cancer man

Men’s Outback Wool Cowboy Hat – One of the better best gifts for a Cancer man is this impeccably cool men’s Western wool cowboy hat. It’s crushable into you rucksack and it comes in six excellent colors which will all suit your crab-signed man. It’s waterproof and idiot-proof becasue anyone who wears this hat is cool, calm and collected. They know that their tribe is their family and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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