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When it comes to great gifts for a Gemini woman, consider these important points.  Gemini women have good looks and style because they understand what’s going on around her. She’s smart, friendly, outgoing and sociable and will understand more than she’ll let on about a situation.

If you’re dating a Gemini woman, recognize that you’re dating two ladies wrapped in one. Respect her freedom and her curiosity about everything that crosses her path. So help her keep soaking up all that knowledge. Check out our list of great gifts for a Gemini woman.

27 good gifts for a gemini woman

What Great Gifts Do A Gemini Woman Like?

Here are 27 Ideas!

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Women’s Pullover Hoodie Dress – This great looking hoodie dress is one of the better good gifts for a Gemini woman you can come across. This is not your standard hoodie. Yeah, it has a drawstring hood, long sleeves, kangaroo pockets and all that stuff, but it’s fits and looks like a dress. You love it when she wears dresses, so give her a compliment after you gift her with it. The extra comfortable and warm fleece lining will keep her warm when you’re not there.

best gifts for a woman

14K Round Twins Pendant – A classy and beautiful pendant necklace is always at the top of the list of the best gifts for a Gemini woman. Here is a 14 karat reversible round crab sign pendant that was handcrafted and hand polished. Choose from four lengths of the dainty chain to ensure it fits right. You already know it will look beautiful around her neck.

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Large Plush Beach Towel – When it comes to dating Gemini woman, you’re all in because they’re so friendly, generous and charismatic. Here is an over-sized gorgeous, thick, soft, plush beach towel that redefines what a comfortable beach towel can be. It’s the perfect present for the twins women in your life.  It’s also perfect for a day to the beach or any other outside gathering such as picnics or BBQs.

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3 Piece White China coffee cup – Here is a 3 piece white China coffee cup that is one of the best birthday gifts for a Gemini woman. And here is the perfect high-quality ceramic coffee cup set for her to drink it in. These mugs are known for their elegant, stylish and refined looks. It’s finely crafted and is decorated with the twins constellation and zodiac sign. This mug set includes a spoon and a cover which can also be used as a coaster.

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Leafael Expandable Bangle – This is absolutely the best gift for Gemini woman valentine’s day.  You already know she likes jewelry and she has a special place in her heart for bangle bracelets. Here is a special edition superstar Twins-themed expandable bangle bracelet with Swarovski crystals and Siam Ruby Red birthstones. The mutable air sign woman of Gemini interweaves their mental, physical and spiritual realms into a celestial dance, creating their own reality. Part of their reality is this expandable and 14 karat rose gold plated bracelet.


Scented candle – Gemini’s love to  to be sociable, communicative and ready for having  some fun, especially with their partner. Here is a handmade and hand poured Twin-themed scented candle that will make a perfect gift for her. The wax is paraffin free and is a mixture of natural coconut oil  and beeswax. The hints of white tea, kyoto quince and verveine in the wax takes this candle up to another level of olfactory pleasure while it soothes and heals. It has a burn time of about 50 hours.

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Funny Gemini Coffee Cup – When it comes to Gemini woman compatibility, you probably know that she has that extra special friend who is her mirror image and twin. This is the perfect gift for the female twin with the funny slogan, “It’s a Gemini thing, you wouldn’t understand”. We’ll take her word on it.

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Clear Hot Beverage Cup – It’s a simple truth that Gemini facts female traits make them one of the most desirous sign in the zodiac. Maybe it’s because “The Lovers” tarot card is associated with Gemini. Here is a large double wall glass mug with heatproof insulating and a handle.  This gift keeps hot beverages hot and . you can actually see what’s in the cup. It’s also large with 16 ounce size. The best part is that you get get 1 or a set of 2 at a discount.

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Women’s Zipper Leather Wallet – This is a great gift for the more sophisticated and older Gemini woman you know. Here is a nice, large capacity stylish and practical pink high-quality leather wallet clutch for the twins lady. The design shows the zodiac constellation sign right in the middle of the large side with a convenient zipper on three sides. It also has a slew of pockets and slots for all sorts of things the ladies carry around with them.


Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – The perfect gift for the Gemini lady in your life are these twin-themed Bluetooth wireless HiFi stereo headphones.  You already know she loves music, so she’ll also love these over the ear folding stereo noise-canceling headphones. She’ll totally get into the the hands-free operation of this gift making her wonder why she didn’t get these sooner. 

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Women’s Yoga Workout Pants – Here is a great gift for a Gemini woman. It’s a pair of twins-themed women’s yoga legging workout pants. Made with a blend of polyester and spandex, these leggings will hug her tightly and fit perfectly. They’re made of breathable, moisture-wicking, and stretchy comfortable fabric suitable to wear in all seasons. They’re great for Pilates and other indoor and outdoor exercises also. Let her get her game face on.


Canvas Wall Art – Although everyone likes gifts, it seems like women appreciate gifts more than men. Here is a high-quality canvas wall art print which comes in four different sizes and is pre-printed, pre-stretched and pre-stapled so they’re really easy to hang. Choose a size that fit’s his place best so everyone can enjoy it. Celebrate his caring and affectionate vibes.

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Under Armour Women’s Sneakers – When it comes to best gift for a Gemini woman who likes to run, here you are.  These Under Armour lightweight running shoes are not only the best looking she will ever wear, but they’ll also be the most comfortable, well-cushioned, breathable and moisture-wicking running shoe she’ll ever find.  She won’t ever even buy any other running shoes. She’ll love everything about them.


Women’s Leather Totebag – The twins girl loves to get presents, especially near her birthday when spring is in full gear and summer is right around the corner. Here is a great twins-themed  high-grade PU leather tote bags with shoulder and handbag straps  so it can be used as a totebag or a handbag.  It’s a perfect present with a cool illustration of the twins on it. Of course it has a slew of different sizes of pockets inside so everything can be organized.

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Funny Women’s Wine Tumbler – One of the best gifts for the friendly and outgoing twins lady is this stainless steel wine tumbler glass with a funny slogan. The slogan describes many of their true characteristics. It’s perfect for traveling, camping and road trips where ever you’re going. It includes a free plastic lid that’s like an adult-sized sippy cup.


Lady’s Sport Fanny Pack – Here is a great Gemini gift for the lady twins. It’s an twins-themed sports fanny pack that is comfortable enough to take on a run. It’s made of a strong and durable Oxford fabric that is easy to clean and is breathable and comfortable as it hugs your body in order to break it in. It can easily fit in a larger sign smartphone and all the other knick-knacks like cards and keys you may need.

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Funny Gemini Girl Hoodie – This is a twins-themed hoodie present that is one of the better good Gemini gifts for the twins woman.  Here is the “I’m a Psychotic Gemini Girl Everyone Warned You About” hoodie.  It’s made of a blend of cotton and polyester and is applied as air jet yarn for a smooth low-pill surface. It has a kangaroo pocket and a draw-string hood just as you would expect.


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Funny Woman Tee – Are you thinking about the things you want to say to the twins lady? What sweet things to say to a Gemini woman do you need to get off your chest? Look at the slogan on this T-shirt. We think that wraps up the good feelings very well. The tank top is available in 3 different styles and a T-shirt version and hoodie version are also in stock. They all have the same slogan.


Personal Power Spell Kit – One of the best presents for the twins woman is this wonderful set for anyone looking to increase their own personal power. This starting spell kit includes a personal power incense blend, a personal power gemstone essential oil, one set of personal power gemstones, one set of 10 spell-casting candles and three talismans, one for her sign, one for the ruling planet of her sign and one for her ruling element. One set of instructions on how to cast spells  and accumulate personal power.

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Women’s Gemini Zodiac Bracelet – Here is the perfect gift idea you can give to a lady twin. It’s a women’s Gemini bracelet with moon signs and water element charms for inner peace. This bracelet has hand-stamped zodiac element symbol charms and natural Aqua Terra Jasper and Crystal Quartz. These crystals help release negative energies, and elevates her mind, body and spirit into higher vibrations to help manifest intentions and abundances from meditation. Give her the gift of  amplifying and balancing her energies with this bracelet.

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Ergonomic Pillow – When it comes to Gemini woman gifts, one of the great gifts for her is a ergonomic pillow that will help her heal a bad back. So many people slouch or forget about the health of their spinal cord in this fast moving society that many of them experience constant back pain as a result of their bad posture. Here is a back cushion that helps support the lumbar bones of your spine. It’s suitable for many places including chair, couches, beds, etc. Give her relief from back pain.

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Gold-Plated Sterling Necklace – Here is the best birthday gift for Gemini ladies you can find. Here is a beautiful and stylish zodiac necklace which is unique in terms of style and price. It’s made of rose gold plated brass and has a singular zodiac sign charm which hangs from the 16 inch chain. Easy on and off with a easy to use lobster claw clasp. It’s fun and full of love and romance, so make sure she gets the compliments she deserves. 

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Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier – Among the good gift ideas for the twin woman is this cool mist humidifier electric aromatherapy ultrasonic air humidifier essential oil diffuser. It creates soothing and relaxing energies to help her chill out and pamper herself with restorative enhanced energy. Let her treat her mind, body and spirit with some relaxing healing.

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Funny Travel Mug – Here is a fabulous birthday gift for a Gemini. Here is a 14 ounce stainless steel durable and insulated travel mug gift that has a sarcastic and funny slogan on it. The twins are so intelligent that the slogan is 100% completely true.  They also have great intuition and know more about what’s going on than they say. Just have a laugh.


3-Piece Travel Set – Here is a great gift that will make the twins woman happy. She loves to travel so here is a 3-piece travel set that includes twin-themed luggage tag, passport wallet and a clear document clutch. Let her get in and of the the baggage claim and through customs easily and earlier with the easy to use and convenient gift.

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Inverted Automartic Umbrella  – When it comes to Gemini gifts, one of the best ideas for her is this practical one-button automatic inverted umbrella. The sky blue and white design synchronizes with the calm late spring energy of the Gemini lady and also incorporates her star constellation into the design. Give the gift of keeping out of the elements to her.

Malicious Women Candle Co - Gemini The Zodiac Bitch - Gives No Fucks About Your Opinion, Citrus & Sage, All-Natural Organic Soy Candle, 9 oz

Inverted Automartic Umbrella  – How do you surprise a Gemini woman? It’s a hand-poured, hand-made personalized Malicious Woman Candle Co. scented candle. The scent of the twins candle has accents of a variety of citrus ans sage, also known as the “Freshly showered man”. Make sure oyu take a shower before gifting it to her and she might let you hang around to share with you. Celebrate and share the love.

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