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When it comes to great gifts for a Gemini man, consider these important points.  They’re very smart, friendly, outgoing, social and creative. They have a good combination of intelligence, intuition and highly-sensitive energetic antennae.

They also have the advantage of having massive intuitive brainstorm downloads which has a downside and an upside. The upside is if they can write all their ideas down in time from the brainstorms, they’ll be able to focus their dreams or goals. The downside is they can become very air-headed and forgetful during these vision quest  moments. The twins are both easy-going and passionate, here is a list of great gifts for a Gemini man.

25 good gifts for a gemini man

What Gifts Do A Gemini Man Like?

Here are 25 Ideas!

good gifts for a man

Funny Pullover Hoodie – Here is one of the top good gifts for a Gemini man that you can come across. This is a black premium pullover hoodie with all the standard features like a kangaroo pocket and a drawstring hood, but what sets this one apart is the funny “Keep Calm and Let Gemini Handle It!” slogan.  The twins man has the perfect set of skills to be a born leader able to settle most situations into a win win win outcome that will please all involved.

best gifts for a man

18K Gold Plated Cufflinks – Here is one of the best gifts for a Gemini man you can give him. These elegant and totally classy twins-themed cuff links from the Zodiac Collection made by Christian Bounaix are an awesome gift. Each piece is plated in gold in England and hand polished with the deep blue enamel base  until it has a gleaming finish. All of these cufflinks go through the same handmade process to produce the final exquisite best gift.

best birthday gifts for a man

Under Armour Men’s Sneakers – When it comes to one of the best birthday gifts for a Gemini man who likes to run, you have found it right here.  These Under Armour lightweight running shoes are not only the best looking he will ever wear, but they’ll also be the most comfortable, well-cushioned, breathable and sock wicking running shoe he’ll ever find.  He won’t ever buy any other running shoes.

game consoles

Jet Force Gemini N64 – The younger twins man is a true gamer and he will absolutely love to get his hands on this Nintendo64 game. Here is the Jet Force Gemini N64 game that is one of the better game consoles you can find. He can choose one of three main characters as he goes through all the levels with tons of fun weapons, enemies, and characters in an incredibly detailed and expansive landscapes. One the funnest and underrated  titles you can find on N64.


Vacuum Insulated Pint For Craft Beer – If the Gemini men in you life likes craft beer, then here is one of the best presents you can ever find for them. This is a double walled, vacuum insulated Pint of Craft Beer. It’s a true pint and it comes in three cool versions, black chrome, copper plated or the minimalist stainless steel. It’s made for beer so it keeps your beer colder longer than any other competitors. It also has a lid that can be opened wide for easy sipping.  A beer sippy cup?

Gemini man gift

Funny Man Tee or Hoodie – Are you looking for a great Gemini man gift? Look no further. Here is a T-shirt with a funny list of twins-themed guy traits printed on the back as a list of facts. Besides the comfortable laid back short sleeve T-shirt version it’s also available in a hoodie version. They both have the same list of characteristics. Our favorite is “Speaks fluent Sarcasm”.


Funny Men’s Wine Tumbler – The perfect Gemini gift for the friendly and outgoing twins man is this stainless steel wine tumbler glass with a funny slogan on it. The slogan describes many of their true characteristics. It’s perfect for traveling, camping and road trips where ever you’re going. It includes a free plastic lid that’s like an adult-sized sippy cup.


Mara Stoneware Large Coffee Mug – Here is one of the great gifts for the Twins men you can find. It’s a handmade, unique, distinctive and one of a type large collectible coffee mug. It’s a nice heavyweight and sturdy stoneware coffee mug with strong, earthy designs and impeccable strength. It’s also a heavyweight in terms of size as it can hold 16 ounces of coffee.

Men Zodiac Gemini Bracelet, Clay | Hematite | Lava Beads, Essential Oil Diffuser, Astrology Jewelry, 9MM Round

Men’s Healing Bracelet – One of the best Gemini gifts you can give to the twins man is this Reiki energized bracelet with clay, hematite and lava beads. Hematite helps keep the wearer grounded and absorbs negative energies. The  Lava  beads give the wearer more strength, courage and stability while diffusing any anger. Lava stones will absorb any essential oils you rub onto them. This is an excellent energy healing bracelet gift for him.

Gemini Horoscope metal wall art home decor - Choose 11", 17", or 23", Choose Patina color, Choose any Zodiac Symbol

Functional Metal Wall Art –  One of the best gifts you can give to the twins man is this custom-made wall art.  Each one is made-to-order and is available in 3 sizes. The zodiac sign is cut from 1/8 inch steel and offset from the wall by hanging brackets that enhance the art with cool shadows. There are lots of colors to choose from but we recommend the rusty marigold or rusty eden green for the twins man.

Gemini best

Beach Blanket Picnic Mat –  Gemini best presents come in many varieties, but one of the top is this fold-able and portable beach/picnic blanket mat. It’s large with a 57 inch by 59 inch surface area when unfolded. It’s made of high-quality, durable and waterproof canvas cloth. It’s perfect for music festival lawn seating, a picnic, a trip to the beach or even a home gaming blanket. Folds up into an easy to carry compact roll with a shoulder strap.


Men’s Leather Tan Wallet – One of the best presents you can give him is this perfect men’s tan leather wallet. This bi-fold wallet has card and currency slots, secret compartments, a transparent ID window and a coin pocket. It’s very cool and stylish and it’s looks are enhanced with the large twins zodiac sign embossed on it.

Funny Travel Mug For Conservative Gemini

Funny Conservative Travel Mug – We definitively try to stay clear from religious and political statements, but if they’re funny and sarcastic enough, sometimes we bend our rules. Here is an absolutely hysterical travel mug that will be the perfect present for the Conservative twins man that is right leaning. The slogan printed on this double walled stainless steel travel mug actually sounds like POTUS 45. It’s good for warm and cold drinks and many laughs.

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Dakine Backpack – There are a lot of gift ideas for a Gemini man, but here is one that is at the top of the list.  It’s a durable and solid backpack that will gives him years of service. It has multiple accessory pockets and a padded sleeve for a 15 inch laptop. It has a 270 degree outer zipping main compartment that is TSA compliant.  It’s really easy to carry around comfortably with the easily adjustable shoulder straps.

I Never Said I Was Perfect I Am A Gemini Beer Mug, Pretty Birthday Gift For Gemini Beer Stein 22oz (Beer Mug-White)

White Stein Beer Mug – Here is a great birthday gift for the twins man who likes beer. This sturdy white ceramic 22 ounce beer stein has a funny slogan on it that says “Dirty Mind, caring friend,  good heart, filthy mouth, I never said I was perfect, I Am A Gemini”.  Perfect for the summer.

best Christmas gifts

Etched Metal Belt Buckle –  Here is a custom etched metal belt buckle that is one of the best Christmas gifts you can give to your Gemini man. It’s a handmade belt buckle made-to-order for the person you are gifting. Choose yourself or let him choose which metal he wants, copper, brass or nickel silver.  This belt buckle has potential to become a family heirloom as it’s made so well, it’ll probably outlast it’s owner. Make it an even better present by adding a leather belt too.

How to surprise a man

YETI Rambler Travel Mug – How to surprise a Gemini man? Easy, get him a really cool gift.  This travel mug is tough stainless steel and carries 30 ounces of liquid in it. It  has a magnetic sealing spill-proof insulated lid. This mug is perfect for traveling, camping, boating, you name it. It’s available in 16 colors. Whatever type of activities he enjoys, he’ll enjoy more with a travel mug that’s the perfect size and keeps his hot coffee hot and his cold beverages cold.

best birthday gift for

Black Jumbo Totebag – The best birthday gift for the twins man is this jumbo black 20 inch by 15 inch by 5 inch twins-themed constellation tote bag. It’s made of 100% cotton twill and has extra sturdy handles. It has a great twins constellation image and the star sign name printed on one side. He’ll love this bag as it’s so easy to tote around everything he needs for the day.

How to surprise your man

Yoga Mat – How to surprise your Gemini man? Get him the gift that he’s wanted all along. Here is a large lightweight twins-themed yoga mat that provides a stable, non-slip thick cushioned surface with a light-tack texture ensuring a safer and better workout. It has a electric twins-themed design that will help motivate him to keep his body rooted and his spirit balanced. It includes a convenient carrying strap to transport it around.

how to make up with a man

White Sage Smudge Set – Are you wondering how to make up with a Gemini man? Here is a perfect white sage smudging set for the newbie who wants to tap into the power of ritual relationship healing, and/or self-healing. This is a wonderful place to start teaching him. Each set has a 5 inch abalone shell, natural wooden tripod and 3 bundles of California white sage smudge sticks. It comes in larger sizes also and you can get the abalone shell can be as is (natural) or pearlized. Do a ritual with him to heal your relationships and clear any negative energy blocks you may have. It’s a great place to start.

what do men like

Naughty Scented Candle – Are you wondering what do Gemini men like? Quite frankly, they like a deep romantic connection, especially if it involves sex. An excellent way to spark the romantic connection is by gifting him this naughty scented candle. There can be no confusion left in regards to your intentions. These sex positions candles with exotic and romantic aromatherapy properties are made 100% from coconut and soy bean wax. The natural 100% natural components include Apricot, Coconut, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oils. Each candle has a burn time of about 40 hours.

man traits

Traits Coffee Mug – One the the best gifts for him is this Gemini man traits coffee mug. It comes in two sizes, 11 ounces and 15 ounces. It has a list of traits which are quite different than the “facts” mugs that are ubiquitous. There is a little more thought into these messages. We can say as a fact that the “they are great at losing things and are forgetful” is 100% true. They are super intelligent and sociable but can be quite air-headed too. Keep him grounded to the earth with this great way for him to start his day with a cup of coffee.

how to keep a man interested

Yellow Gold Bikini – Are you wondering how to keep a Gemini man interested? Well, ask him innocently to go shopping with you and come out and ask him if he likes this bikini. It’s actually a gift for him as much as for you. You will know exactly what he’s thinking with his bugged out eyes and crinkled eyed smile. He will definitely be interested.  This suit has almost a suede feeling to it  and the  bottoms are a little cheeky, but he’ll like them.

how to flirt with a man

Sterling Silver and Pearl Necklace – Are you thinking about how to flirt with a Gemini man? Buy him this necklace and ask him to see if it fits him. Then ask if it fits you. Make sure you wear something sexy and bundle your hair up presenting your beautiful neck as you ask him to try it on you. Manipulation? Maybe, but all’s fair in love and war. This is a Sterling Silver plated rhodium necklace with Pearl accents. This is a beautiful necklace for either male or female twins.

Gemini man attracted to

Men’s Full Zip Casual Jacket – When it comes to a Gemini man attracted to you, he’ll pull out all the stops. He’ll get a normal haircut, shave his beard and put on his best clothes which is this warm casual and cool full zip jacket. Yeah, that’s as good as it gets. It does have some of the hoodie features like two pouch pockets for the sleeves with elastic cuffs.

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