When it comes to good gifts for Virgo woman, consider these important traits.  The Virgo woman are usually reserved and shy until they get to know people very well. So if you want to chase her, take your time and take it easy. Let things unfold in a natural stress-free way. And understand that your heart is more important than your looks.

They also strive so hard to be perfectionists which sometimes lands them in trouble, usually with themselves. They hold very high standards for themselves, much higher than for others. They need to know that they’re enough. Here is a list of dazzlingly good gifts for Virgo woman that can help her be easier on herself and practice more self love.

27 good gifts for Virgo woman

What Gifts Does Virgo Woman Like?

Here are 27 Ideas!

good gifts for a Virgo woman

Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt Dress – This great looking hoodie dress is one of the better good gifts for Virgo woman you can come across. This is not your standard hoodie. It has a drawstring hood, long sleeves, kangaroo pockets and all that stuff, but it’s fits and looks like a dress. You love it when she wears dresses, so give her a compliment after you gift her with it. This extra comfortable and warm fleece lining will keep her warm when you’re not there.

best gifts for Virgo woman

14K Round Virgin Maiden Pendant – A classy and beautiful pendant necklace is always at the top of the list of the best gifts for Virgo woman. Here is a 14 karat reversible round maiden-signed pendant that was handcrafted and hand polished. Choose from four lengths of the dainty chain to ensure it fits right. You already know it will look beautiful around her neck and she’ll absolutely love it.

best birthday gifts for Virgo woman

Large Constellation Coffee Mug (Set of 2) – One of the best birthday gifts for Virgo woman that you can come across is this set of virgin maiden-signed white ceramic constellation coffee mugs. They have a great constellation illustration printed on them and they’re large, with a capacity of 15 ounces. Even better is that you can get  a nice price cut on a set of two. Whether she likes coffee of tea, these mugs are great for all hot drinks.

gift for Virgo woman ideas

Funny Hoodie Multi Apparel – Here is a great gift for Virgo woman ideas that like to be stylish all year long. They’re a summer sign so they like to wear apparel that suits the season. They also have a good sense of humors, so they will appreciate the funny slogan on it that shows their true power.  Although we are showing the hoodie version, there are also 3 styles of tank tops and a short sleeve Tee in stock. They all have the same slogan but at different prices. So choose which one of those would look best on her or let her choose it herself.


Cute Girl Plush Towel – Virgin maiden woman love life, laughter and love itself. Here is a great 100% microfiber towel that is extremely quick-drying, soft and plush. The best part of checking out this gift is we’re only showing one of the nine cute and girly-girl designs available. There are also available in 11 different sizes. You’re sure to find the perfect one for her.

Gift baskets

Coffee Gift Basket – Gift baskets are a great gift for the maiden girl who likes to receive a few things.  Here is a great gift for the virgin-themed lady who likes coffee. It’s a set premium coffee gift basket. It includes a cool 15 ounce coffee mug with a simple illustration of the maiden sign on it. But the main reason this gift is so good is that it has 5 high-quality gourmet coffees that will surely please the coffee connoisseurs in her tribe. It also includes a biscotti cookie and four maiden-signed  coasters.

Virgo woman gifts

Women’s Leather Wallet – Here is one of the better Virgo woman gifts you can come across. It’s a nice, large capacity stylish and practical pink high-quality leather wallet clutch. The design shows the zodiac constellation sign right in the middle of it’s larger side. It has also has a zipper that can be closed on three sides. It also has a slew of pockets and slots for all sorts of things that ladies like to carry with them.

great gift

Yoga Leggings – Here is a great gift for a virgin maiden woman. It’s a pair of cute women’s yoga legging workout pants. Made with a blend of polyester and spandex, these leggings will hug her tightly and fit perfectly. They’re made of breathable, moisture-wicking, and stretchy comfortable fabric suitable to wear in all seasons. They’re great for Pilates and other indoor and outdoor exercises also. Let her get her game face on.


3 Piece Travel Set – Here is a great gift that will make the Virgos women happy. She loves to travel so here is a 3-piece travel set that includes maiden-themed luggage tag, passport wallet and a clear document clutch. Let her get in and of the baggage claim and through customs easily and earlier with this easy to use and convenient gift.


Gold-Plated Pendant Necklace – One of the better gifts for Virgo women is this beautiful and stylish zodiac necklace which is unique in terms of style and price. It’s made of rose gold plated brass and has a singular zodiac sign charm which hangs from the 16 inch chain. Easy on and off with a easy to use lobster claw clasp. It’s fun and full of love and romance, so make sure she gets the compliments she deserves. 


Fanny Pack – Here is a great gift for the women born in the Virgo sign. It’s a maiden-themed sports fanny pack that is comfortable enough to take on a run. It’s made of a strong and durable Oxford fabric that is easy to clean and is breathable and comfortable as it hugs your body in order to break it in. It’s perfect and can easily fit a smartphone and all the other things she wants to carry around like cards, keys and even a smaller clutch.

gifts for Virgos

Zodiac Sign Earrings – One of the better gifts for Virgos you can find is this cute, trendy and stylish pair of dangle earrings that shows her sign. They’re available for pierced ears or non-pierced ears as they have a clip on style also. These fun and affordable earrings will give her confidence and will look great on her.

Virgo lady

Scuba Black Swimsuit – The Virgo lady likes to keep it real and are down-to-earth but she’s also a lover at heart. So she likes to look good, especially when she’s out at the beach or pool. This scuba black one piece swimsuit has some elegant rose gold side zips and a sexy V back design. It’s perfect for the woman who scuba dives. But she’ll also get so many nice compliments from the men that will flock around her to have a chance to be her diving partner.


Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser/Humidifier – Here is a nice present for the maiden woman you can find. It’s a cool mist humidifier electric aromatherapy ultrasonic air humidifier essential oil diffuser. It creates soothing and relaxing energies to help her chill out and pamper herself with restorative enhanced energy. Let her treat her mind, body and spirit with some relaxing healing.

best gifts

Women’s Casual Totebag – Here is one of the best gifts for maiden woman that you can come across. It’s a practical, casual and high-quality virgin-themed tote bag that’s perfect for the beach or anywhere else she wants to go. It’s got a great illustration of the maiden looking up to her virgin sign on a dark blue constellation background. It’s also has a cool boat rope handles so it’s easy to bring everywhere.

birthday gifts

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – One of the better birthday gifts for the Virgo lady in your life are these maiden-themed Bluetooth wireless HiFi stereo headphones.  You already know she loves music, so she’ll also love these over the ear folding stereo noise-canceling headphones. She’ll totally get into the the hands-free operation of this gift making her wonder why she didn’t get these sooner. 

Virgo girl

Sleeveless Hoodie – Here is a cool looking and exotic sleeveless hoodie that is one of the best gifts for a Virgo girl zodiac sign. It’s made mostly from polyester but has a little spandex in it too to make it snug and sexy. It includes the usual features of a hoodie. Let her show off her finely toned arms and her slim waist with this awesome gift for her, especially in July when it will be perfect and it will be her go to top.

how to surprise a Virgo woman

Sexy Women’s Panties – Are you trying to figure out how to surprise a Virgo woman? They’re modest in front of people they don’t really know but they’re playful and passionate with a partner they trust. Here is a pair of sexy, cute women’s lingerie that has a cheeky hip hugger bottom cut. They’re made from 100% combed and ring-spun cotton so they’re super comfortable. You could also gift it to her with a matching tank top or cropped T-shirt to really give her a hint that you want to be playful. Comes in Black, White and Hot Pink.

happy birthday

Deluxe Yoga Mat – When it comes to making sure she has a happy birthday, make sure that you gift her with something she will love. Does she like yoga? If so, here is a beautiful yoga mat that’s a high-quality, light-weight, two-sided anti-slip maiden-themed yoga mat. It provides a stable, cushioned surface  making a great workout easier to achieve. It has a cool design to help her give her the strength and discipline to become rooted and balanced. It includes a nice portable bag for transporting it around. There are two Virgo styles.

perfect birthday gift

Funny Traits Coffee Mug – Here is a perfect birthday gift for your maiden-signed lady in your life. It comes in two sizes, either 11 ounces or 15 ounces. If she likes start her day with a laugh when she’s enjoying her hot cup of tea or coffee, this will do the trick. It has a list of 10 normally known traits of these lovely women. Start her day on the right foot and have a great day.

how to make a Virgo woman happy

Zodiac Heart Pendant Necklace – Are you wondering how to make a Virgo woman happy? We say jewelry. Every woman loves her jewelry and of course, one of the best gifts you can give her is this signed heart pendant necklace. The fine detail inscribed in 24K gold of the virgin maiden sign and constellation on the blue Swarovski crystal is gorgeous. It is set in a heavenly sterling silver heart-shaped necklace enhanced with cubic zirconia gemstones. Choose among 4 colored crystals for this awesome gift.

Virgo themed gifts

Healing Bracelet – One of the better Virgo themed gifts you can give her is this Reiki energized bracelet with clay, hematite and lava beads. Hematite helps keep the wearer grounded and absorbs negative energies. The Lava beads give the wearer more strength, courage and stability while diffusing any anger. The clay stones will absorb any essential oils you rub onto them. This is an excellent energy healing bracelet gift for her.

romantic gifts for Virgo man

2 Bottle Wine Carrier – You and your partner like to have picnics and enjoying happy hour out in nature with a little wine. Here is one of the better romantic gifts for Virgo man that you can find. Then here is a great gift for him. Ask him to meet you at your favorite picnic place and surprise him with this awesome 2 bottle wine carrier bag with an easy to carry shoulder strap. It has a high-quality insulated lining so your white wine will still be cold even in the middle of the summer.

gifts for Cancer woman

Cute Crab-signed Lady’s Tee – Here is one of the better gifts for Cancer woman that you can come across. Here is a cute girly-girl cut with very short sleeves. It also has a fantastical illustration of the crab-signed girl with a crab under the sea. We think she’s a mermaid. This Tee is super soft and cozy as it’s been made with 100% ring spun cotton. It’s a perfect gift for her.

Virgo man giving gifts

Scented Candle – When it comes to a Virgo man giving gifts, he likes to give something that you can enjoy together. Here is the perfect gift to give her. It’s a handmade and hand poured large scented candle that has all natural paraffin-free, coconut oil and beeswax wax. The maiden-themed version of this scented candle has hints of spicy cardamon, fresh zesty citrus bamboo smell and notes of green basil.  This candle takes aromatherapy pleasure up a notch. It has a burn time of about 50 hours.

how to attract a Virgo woman

Picnic Mat Blanket – Are you wondering how to attract a Virgo woman into your life? Give her a gift that you can enjoy together.  Here is a fold-able and portable picnic blanket mat. It’s large with a 57 inch by 59 inch surface area when unfolded. It’s made of high-quality, durable and waterproof canvas cloth. It’s perfect for music festival lawn seating, a picnic, a trip to the beach or even a home gaming blanket. Folds up into an easy to carry compact roll with a shoulder strap.

Virgo woman flirting

Engraved Stemmed Wine Glass – Is it easy for you to pick up the signs of a Virgo woman flirting with you? If you can do that, then this is the perfect gift to give her. It’s a maiden-signed stemmed wine glass that has cool packaging. The maiden sign and the constellation sign are engraved right into the glass so they’re never rub off. It comes with a free virgin charm.  And remember to be playful and flirt right back.

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