When it comes to good gifts for Virgo man, consider these important points.  The Virgo man is very practical, hard working and work-oriented. He spends a lot of his time thinking about work. He’s very overcritical of his own work as he strives to be a perfectionist. That makes him somewhat unreasonable with other people’s work. He holds himself to very high standards which can be tough on his friends.

He’s also extremely picky about who he lets into his inner circle. He’s the strong silent type of man who knows his worth. He’s avoids trends at all costs because he keeps it real. Here is a list of fabulously good gifts for Virgo man that can let him chill out on the perfectionist stuff and be himself with his tribe.

25 good gifts for Virgo man

What Gifts Does Virgo Man Like?

Here are 25 Ideas!

good gifts for Virgo man

Funny Personality White Hoodie – Here is one of the better good gifts for Virgo man that you can find. It’s a maiden-themed funny personality hoodie that has a great illustration on the maiden looking likes she’s working hard at getting things done. It’s a cool personality persona of these guys. This hoodie is funny but also very cozy and comfortable made from 100% cotton. It has all the regular bells and whistles of most pullover hoodies.

best gifts for Virgo man

18K Gold Plated Cufflinks – Here is a gift at the top of the list of one of the best gifts for Virgo man.  From Christian Bounaix’s zodiac collection, these elegant and totally classy maiden-themed cuff links are an awesome gift. Each piece is plated in gold in England and hand polished with the deep blue enamel base  until it has a gleaming finish. All cufflinks go through the same handmade process to produce the exquisite final gift.

best birthday gifts for Virgo man

Canvas Old School Sneakers – Here is one of the best birthday gifts for Virgo man that you can chance upon. He’s an old-schooler, that’s for sure because he purposely avoids the latest trends. Here is a maiden-signed men’s pair of old school canvas sneakers that he will absolutely love. It has the classic old school canvas upper design with a lace-up low-top flat sneaker. Perfect for all types of situations.

gift for Virgo man ideas

5 Panels Canvas Wall Art – Here is a great gift for Virgo man ideas about sprucing up his living space to make it a little more interesting for everyone. It’s a 5 panel canvas Mexican skull girl maiden-themed piece of wall art. It comes in two sizes both with 5 panels. These panels have high-quality canvas with the art already painted on the 12 inches by 24 inches or 16 inches by 32 inches wooden frames. These panels are ready to hang and includes all of the hardware he’ll need. 


Funny Wine Tumbler – Here is a fun and neat gift for the Virgo guy. It’s a blue or purple stainless steel 12 ounce tumbler wine cup with a funny slogan printed on it. These guys are usually not as arrogant as this which is where the humor is. They’re deep thinkers and loyal to their partner and family. It’s perfect for traveling, camping and road trips or where ever you’re going. It includes a plastic lid too.


Quality Metal Belt Buckle – Your Virgo man will absolutely love this present, hands down. It’s a beyond cool handmade made-to-order custom belt buckle. You can let him choose a metal himself or choose what you think will suit him – copper, brass or nickel silver.  This belt buckle is incredible sturdy and will last a lifetime. Make it an even better present by adding a leather belt too.


Funny Travel Mug – When it comes to things that would make a good gift for the maiden-signed man, don’t try to overthink it. They’re pretty laid back dudes so it’s the thought that counts. Here is a double-walled stainless steel travel mug with an amusing slogan. It can hold 14 ounces of hot or cold beverages. It’ll keep your hot drinks hot and keep your cold drinks cold.

Virgo themed gift

Coffee Gift Basket – One of the best gifts for him is this gourmet Virgo themed gift coffee set basket. It includes a nice illustration of the virgin-maiden constellation sky printed on a coffee mug. It includes a biscotti cookie and a set of coasters. But the main reason this gift is so good is that it has 5 high-quality gourmet coffees that will surely please the coffee connoisseurs in your tribe.

Virgo men's

Men’s Baseball Jersey – When it’s time to decide among the types of Virgo men’s gifts you’re considering, here is one of the better ones you can give him. It’s a casual and cool maiden-themed men’s button down baseball jersey. This shirt is personalized for maiden-signed men only. It’s made of soft, lightweight, comfortable and breathable fabric with a full button front, a V-neck, and short sleeves.

Virgo boyfriend

Casual White T-shirt – Here is a perfect present for your Virgo boyfriend. It’s a casual and nice looking virgin-signed constellation design on a simple short sleeved cotton crew shirt. It’s 100% cotton and it moisture-wicks sweat away so it drys fast and takes more time to get gnarly. They have sizes up to 6XL so big and tall guys are totally in on this gift.

great gift

Men’s Tan Wallet – Here is a great gift for him.  It’s a simple but stylish men’s tan leather wallet. This bi-fold wallet has card and currency slots, secret compartments, a transparent ID window and a coin pocket. It’s already cool and stylish looks are enhanced with the large maiden zodiac sign embossed on it’s outside cover.


Ergonomic Pillow – Here is the perfect gift for a maiden-signed man. It’s an ergonomic pillow that will help him heal a bad back. First of all, try to get him to do some yoga or stretching and practice good posture which will really heal most back pains. But here is a back cushion that will accelerate his lumbar bones and spinal health healing. It’s suitable for many places including chair, couches, beds. Give him relief from back pain.

gifts for Virgo men

Meibai Healing Bracelet – Here is one of the best gifts for Virgo men you can find. It’s a maiden-themed black agate and tiger eye stone healing bracelet with powerful grounding and calming healing energies. Black agate and tiger eye beads can eliminate all types of negative energy and also align your chakras. He can keep his confidence up and dispel all negative energies with this energy healing bracelet that will put him right back in the saddle again.

Virgo guy

Funny Beer Stein – This is one of the best presents for the Virgo guy, especially if he likes beer. This sturdy white ceramic 22 ounce beer stein has a funny slogan on it that says “I May Be Wrong But I Highly Doubt It I’m A Virgo”. But maybe the more they drink, the more they’re right. It’s quite possible.


Mara Stoneware Large Coffee Mug – Here is one of the best presents for the maiden-signed man you can find. It’s a handmade, unique, distinctive and one of a type large collectible coffee mug. It’s a heavyweight and sturdy stoneware coffee mug with strong, earthy designs and impeccable strength. It’s also a heavyweight in terms of size as it can hold 16 ounces of coffee.

Virgo men

Men’s Swim Trunks – Her is a great gift for all Virgo men. It’s a casual white pair of swim trunks with hundreds of small little maiden sign patterns all over it. It’s made with 100% high-quality polyester which makes it quick drying. It’s super soft, lightweight, breathable with has moisture-wicking properties too. It has a elastic waistband with a drawstring and 2 side pockets. And it’s cool.

great birthday

Yoga Mat – Are you trying to figure out how to have a great birthday party for him? Here is a large high-density, light-weight maiden-themed yoga mat. It provides a stable, non-slip cushioned surface and a light-tack texture ensuring a safer and better workout. It has a vibrant design of the dancing maiden that will help motivate him to keep his body rooted and his spirit balanced. It also has a carrying strap to help transport it around.

romantic gifts for Virgo man

All-Natural Organic Soy Candle – Here is one of the better romantic gifts for Virgo man. You already know you have a strong loyal relationship with each other, so leverage it to make something that will spoil both of you. This all natural organic soy candle with hints of earthy figs, cedar wood and green moss  gives off a high energy scent that is just what both of you need. With a burn time of 40 – 50 hours, you can make a whole weekend getaway with each other with this candle.

Virgo man and gift giving

Women’s One Piece Swimsuit – When it comes to the Virgo man and gift giving, he really likes to buy gifts that will help as many people in the inner circle as possible. This is the best present he could give to his wife, girlfriend or lover who was born in the maiden-sign. It’s the end of summer so you can still get a few days at the beach. Here is a cool looking and stylish one piece swimsuit that will look great on her.

what to do for a Virgo man birthday

Funny Grumpy Old Guy Hoodie – Are you wondering what to do for a Virgo man birthday? Here is a perfect funny grumpy old guy hoodie that he’ll love. His birthday is on the cusp of fall when the evenings start getting cool so it’s a great time to gift this present. The humorous slogan printed on the front is one of the funniest ones we have ever seen. It has all the usual features of most pullover hoodies but the slogan makes it a slam dunk gift.

valentine gifts for Virgo man

I Love You Tumbler – Here is one of the best valentine gifts for Virgo man that you can find. It’s a simple black and white stainless steel insulated tumbler with a signed message written on it that simply says “I Love You”. It’s a large size that can fit 20 ounces of a cold or hot drink, so hopefully he’ll share it with you.

how to get a Virgo man to chase you

BodyShapers With Front Zipper – Are you trying to figure out how to get a Virgo man to chase you? It will be easier than you think as long as you let things naturally unfold in divine timing. This would be the perfect occasion for you to try out this bodyshapers body and waist reducer top with a front zipper. It doesn’t flatten your bust and it’s made of microfiber material that molds your body perfectly. You can finagle a way to him buying it or you can surprise him by buying it and asking him how he likes it. He’ll love it.

gifts for Virgo woman

Women’s Casual Hoodie – One of the great gifts for Virgo woman that you can find is this simple dancing maiden woman’s hoodie. It’s a 100% cotton with a casual stylish style. This black sweatshirt hoodie has all the bells and whistles of the average pullover hoodies, but it’s as cute as you are. He’ll love it and will love you in it.

Virgo man crush signs

Funny Traits Tee – Are you trying to figure out the Virgo man crush signs? It’s pretty straightforward. He’ll be looking at you and then look away when you catch him at it. If he’s looking, he’s single. If you get to the point where you start conversing, might as well go in for a pound instead of a penny. Trade social media contacts and get together again. Get him this hysterical and fun maiden traits shirt. Every single one of these traits are spot on. This shirt is available in men’s and women’s sizes and in 5 colors. Great first date gift. You won’t regret it.

gifts for men

Vacuum Insulated Craft Beer Pint – When it comes to buying good gifts for men, you can count in all the men in the entire zodiac wheel when it comes to craft beer. The perfect present for them is this vacuum insulated craft beer pint. It has a stainless steel double walled, vacuum insulated container and is sized as a true pint. It’s made for beer so it keeps your beer colder longer than any other competitors. It also has a lid that can be opened wide for easy sipping.

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