taurus zodiac sign When it comes to good gifts for Taurus man, consider these important points.  They’re calm, cool and collected because they’re solidly grounded to the earth. They’re practical, determined, stable and dependable with a dash of adventurous.

They’re strength of will and perseverance is string so they will achieve what they want as  the term “giving up” is not in their language.  They can be a little self-indulgent and stubborn but can be talked out of that stance by the proper person (namely, a Taurian woman or one of the fire signs). So here, we present you with a great list of good gifts for Taurus man that they’ll love.

25 Good Gifts for Taurus Man

What Gifts Do Taurus Man Like?

Here are 25 Ideas!

Aureus Men's Taurus Silver/Denim Blue Nubuck Leather Low Top Shoe Size 9.5 M US

Men’s Leather Low Top Shoe – On the top of the list of good gifts for Taurus man is this special pair of high quality 100% genuine Nubuck leather upper shoes.  They’re totally stylish and incredibly comfortable with a lightweight polyurethane insole that gives them a premium feeling. This is a top shelf sneaker that once your wear them once, you will buy them again and again. The elastic laces are there as decoration because these shoes are slip-ons.

Zodiac 18-Karat Gold Plated Enamel Cufflinks (Taurus)

18K Gold Plated Cufflinks – Here is a gift that is one of the best gifts for Taurus man that you will ever find. These cufflinks made by Christian Bounaix are totally elegant and classy with the Taurian bull constellation shown clearly. Each cufflink is plated in 18 karat gold in England and then hand polished with the deep blue enamel base to a gleaming shiny finish. Top shelf materials and precision possesses make this an over the top type of gift.

Taurus Belt Buckle ZODIAC Etched Metal

Quality Etched Metal Belt Buckle – Here is one of the best birthday gifts for Taurus man that you can come across. You can either let him choose a metal from the three choices of copper, brass and nickel silver or if you’re confident that you know his styles well, choose the metal yourself.  This gift doesn’t include the belt, so we suggest you get that fitted in also.

3D Printed Double Zipper Laptop Bag,Icon Taurus with a Bull Figure on Grungy Prediction,10 inch Canvas Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Bag Compatible with 9.7"10.1" 10.6"inch Laptop.

Canvas Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Bag – The perfect gift for the bull man is this 10 inch canvas waterproof laptop shoulder bag. This bag has a trendy cool illustration of the Taurian bull on it. It’s super protective sleeve case is sturdy enough to ensure your laptop won’t be damaged. It has an accessory pocket and is slim enough to be carried in a briefcase or backpack.  It’s also waterproof but has a lightweight breathable and soft feel.

Mara Ceramic Stoneware 16 Oz. Taurus Mug (Set of 2)

Stoneware Collectible Large Coffee Mugs (Set of 2) – Here is one of the great gifts for Taurus men you can find. It’s handmade and so it’s unique and distinctive and one of a type, just like your bull man. The best part is that you get a pair of them. It’s a nice heavyweight and sturdy stoneware coffee mug with strong, earthy, designs and impeccable strength. It’s also a heavyweight in terms of size as it can hold 16 ounces of coffee.

Arsmt Men's Hooded Sweatshirt Blue Taurus Funny Pullover Hoodie

Men’s Pullover Hoodie – Although the season has already changed to spring, it’s  quite possible that there will still be some cool or even cold nights around the corner.  That’s why we have found one of the best gifts for Taurus guy just so you can gift it to him.  Making sure he’s warm is the best romantic gift you can give him. Maybe cuddle him a little too to make sure he know’s your intentions.

New Batch Black Cow Leather Fanny Pack Gun Hip Pack Fits Sig Sauer P238 Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec, S&W Bodyguard,Taurus TCP, Diamondback 380 Kahr P380,Small Derringers,etc 6 Cards Slot .Belly Moon Pouch

Leather Fanny Pack – One of the best gift ideas for the bull man in your life is this genuine cow leather fanny pack. Besides it’s large compartment which can easily fit a pistol in, this “purse” has four other compartments with high quality zippers to hold all your other items also. One is perfectly sized for a smart phone. It also includes six credit card slots. 

Taurus Leather Journal/Zodiac Handmade Journal/Astrology Journal/Horoscope Journal/Gifts for Him/Travel Journal/Sketchbook / Embossed Genuine Leather Journal/Your Personal Bound Notebook

Quality Leather Journal – Among the many Taurus man gifts you can come across, is this well built journal. This genuine leather covered journal/notebook/sketchbook (or perhaps all three) is a great gift for the busy ambitious bull.  It has plenty of pages for him to jot down all his ideas, projects and plans he wants to manifest. He’ll also approve that it’s handmade with environmentally sustainable materials.

Men Zodiac Taurus Bracelet, Clay | Hematite | Lava Beads, Essential Oil Diffuser, Astrology Jewelry, 9MM Round

Taurus Healing Bracelet – One of the best birthday gifts you can give to the Taurian man is this Reiki energized bracelet with clay, hematite and lava beads. Hematite helps keep the wearer grounded and absorbs negative energies. The  Lava  gives the wearer more strength, courage and stability while diffusing any anger. Lava stones will absorb any essential oils you rub onto them. This is an excellent energy healing bracelet gift for him.

Taurus metal wall art home decor - Choose 11", 17", or 23", Choose Patina color, Choose any Horoscope Zodiac Symbol

Functional Metal Wall Art –  One of the best gifts you can give to the Taurian man in your life is this custom made wall art.  Each one is made-to-order and unique in 3 sizes. The zodiac sign is cut from 1/8 inch steel and offset from the wall by hanging brackets that enhance the art with cool shadows. There are lots of colors to choose from but we recommend peach or orange for the bullish energies.

Taurus Mini Multitool Keychain With 8 Functions - Laser Engraved Pocket Tool With Scissors - Black Metal Edc Keychain Tool Gift

Multi Tool Keychain – Among the great presents for a Taurus man is this bull themed multi tool key-chain. Everyone needs a key-chain, but the cool thing about this one is that it stows away a set of very useful compact tools folded into a metal compartment attached to the key-ring. This key-chain resembles a Swiss army knife  key-chain thingy or something. This could be a life saver.

Don't Flirt With Me My Girl Is A Crazy Taurus Funny T-Shirt

Funny T-shirt – When it comes to Taurus men going out on for a night on the town, things can somehow get out of hand if you’re not careful.  Here is the perfect gift for the Taurian man who has a jealous girlfriend or wife but also has a sense of humor. It’s funny and pretty tame.  This shirt is actually available in Men, Women and Youth sizes in five different colors. There are a few other funny slogans also so check them out.

Funny Travel Mug For Conservative Taurus

Funny Conservative Travel Mug – Well, this will be a first. We definitively try to stay clear from religious and political statements, but if they’re funny and sarcastic sometimes we take the bait. Here is an absolutely hysterical travel mug. The slogan printed on this double walled stainless steel travel mug actually sounds like POTUS 45. This is a perfect present for the Taurus male that is leaning to the right. It’s also good for warm and cold drinks and many many laughs.

3D Crystal Ball Constellation Gift LED Lighting Astronomy Nebula 7 Colors Optical Illusion 3D Lamp Laser Engraving Valentine Children's Day (Taurus)

Crystal Ball Constellation LED Nebula – Here is a great gift to get for your Taurus boyfriend or partner. It’s an out-of-this-world eerie 3D projection crystal ball that rotates and spins and lights up in many colors in a nebula field that’s pretty cool to watch. It really has to be seen to be believed. It’s great art combined and synthesized with technology and spirituality. It’s a piece of art.

Pyle Home Mini Audio Amplifier - 60W Portable Dual Channel Surround Sound HiFi Stereo Receiver w/ 12V AC Adapter, AUX, MIC IN, Supports Smart Phone, iPhone, iPod, MP3 For 2-8ohm Speakers - Pyle PFA200

Home Mini Audio AmplifierHere is a mini audio amplifier from Pyle home line that is the best  birthday gift for Taurus man. We all know he’s a closet audiophile and it’s good that we do. This portable mini amplifier has got 60 watts of digital Hi-Fi audio and can be setup for your home or vehicle.  It can be hooked up to speaker’s with impedance of 2-8Ω. It can go mobile with the portable dual channel Hi-Fi stereo receiver that can be attached with a 12 volt AC adapter.  It supports a wide field of devices including  smart phones, iPhones, iPods, MP3s and more. Click the photo of link to see the whole list of benefits. 


Men’s Leather Tan Wallet – Make sure your man has a great birthday by giving him this perfect men’s tan leather wallet as his birthday present. This bi-fold wallet has card and currency slots, secret compartments, a transparent ID window and a coin pocket. It’s already cool and stylish looks are enhanced with the large bull zodiac sign embossed on it.

Taurus Hotel Style Shower Curtain Artistic Bull Figure Astrology Animal Spiritual Icon Zodiac Life Artsy Illustration Shower Curtain bar Multicolor W48 x L72

Shower curtain –  The perfect present for your male bull is this colorful and playful artistic bull and Taurus sign illustrated shower curtain.  It’s shows an very interesting  perspective of the  bull sign and the bull that hints of portraying the deeper personality traits of these grounded but ambitious men. Those morning daily showers are a great way to ground themselves for the day.


Taurus Funny 100% Cotton Tee, Short Sleeve Tshirt Purple,3XL

Taurus Funny T-shirt – A  happy birthday Taurus man should be a true celebration of all of his awesome personality traits. Here is a great funny and truthful bull T-shirt that lists 10 of the most common traits that most bull men possess printed on a nice purple background. This soft sleeve shirt is unisex so it can be gifted to men and women and even teens. Our favorite funny facts on this shirt are “Will Keep It Real 100%” and “Speaks Fluent Sarcasm”.  Celebrate those bulls.

Stainless Steel Tumbler Cup with Lids for Wine, A Biochemistry Degree Wine Tumbler, Taurus Vacuum Insulated Wine Tumbler (Wine Tumbler 12Oz - Light Purple)

Funny Wine Tumbler – Here’s how to celebrate a Taurus birthday; invite his tribe, try to embarrass him with exaggerated old stories crafting them into tall tales. Then give him a great gift. Here is a nice stainless steel wine tumbler with a hilarious slogan printed on it, “Never underestimate a Taurus with a biochemistry degree”. Have fun with the grounded but appreciative bull who knows how to take the jokes but can dish them out as well as receive.

Malicious Women Candle Co - Taurus The Zodiac Bitch - Doesn't Back Down, Fig, Cedar & Moss, All-Natural Organic Soy Candle, 9 oz

All-Natural Organic Soy Candle – Are you wondering how to spoil a Taurus man? Easy Stevey. You already know you have a great loyal relationship with each other, so leverage it to make something that will spoil both of you. This all natural organic soy candle with hints of earthy figs, cedar wood and green moss  gives off an high energy scent that is just what both of you need. With a burn time of 40 – 50 hours, you can make a whole weekend getaway with each other and this candle.

BRGiftShop Personalized Zodiac Sign Custom Name Taurus Apr21-May21 Set of 4 Table Placemats

Personalized Zodiac Sign Placemats – Sometimes, the Taurus man giving gifts can go overboard because he likes gifting so much. Here is a set of 4 table placemats that can be customized with a list of some of his best traits  underneath his name. His security loving nature is satisfied when he can cook for his tribe and make everyone feel grounded. IMPORTANT!, the select box on the page must be checked next to “This order contains a gift”. Only then, after the custom text is entered  will your purchase be able to proceed to the checkout page.

Karrimor Taurus 20 Rucksack Back Pack Travel Luggage Everyday Casual Bag Black

Karrimor Everyday Casual Bag Black – Here is one of the best gifts for men you can find. Although the Karrimor Taurus rucksack has a 20 litre capacity, it has a compact size and a simple configuration that make it really easy as pie to use. Simple is best when it comes to trekking around with a rucksack that you don’t need an PhD in backpackology to use. It has just a cool mesh back and an external pocket and properly padded straps and easy to adjust buckles. Perfect.

Soular Therapy Astrological Heavenly Body eau de toilette - Taurus

Soular Therapy eau de toilette – How to tell if Taurus man loves you. If he gives you any gift, but especially this one, relax, everything is okay. Pink is the color of his sign and this eau de toilette is all about grounding, relaxing and loving. It has the signature scents and sensibilities of both Cardamom and Ylang Ylang which promote relaxation, lowers blood pressure, kills bacteria and increases sexual desire. What a winning combination, right?

Taurus USB Night Light Natural Wood FrameLow Eenergy Used Warm White Light Color Simple Switch Home & Bedroom Decoration Holiday Creative Gifts

USB Night Light – When it comes to Taurus man buying gifts, he has such a warmhearted and loving soul, that he wants to include his whole tribe into the gift. Here is a perfect example of what he would like to buy. A USB night light with an acrylic flat panel and a bull illustration on it that would be helpful to everyone. The soft, warm light won’t disturb sleeping children but will be strong enough to let them see their way towards the bathroom in the middle of the night. Night night.

Nano Jewelry Gold Plated Zodiac Pendant Taurus Necklace 24k Gold inscribed on Green Crystal, 18"

Gold Plated Pendant Necklace – How do I know if my Taurus man loves me? Look into his eyes and feel his good heart and soul. This is a grounded man who is reliable and loving. Then cleverly plant the intention that you’d love this necklace as a gift and we think he’ll do it to prove his love to you. This Taurian themed pendant with a Swarovski crystal and 24k gold inscriptions on it is made by Nano Jewelry. The crystals are available in blue and green colors. The detail of the design can be inspected with a small magnifying glass which is included.  This is a totally top shelf item and if this seems to manipulative, buy it for yourself.

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