scorpio-sign-transparent Scorpio woman are balanced and dedicated homemakers who likes to keep their family and tribe on an even keel. She’s very independent with a magnetic character and will absolutely not accept manipulation by others.

She’s also one of the best BS sniffers on the planet, so get ready for the acid test if you’re lying, which will probably be an eyeful of scorpion venom. So don’t lie and she’ll stick to you until the end. Take a peek at our list of good gifts for Scorpio woman that’ll spark her passions and ambitions.

28 good gifts for Scorpio woman

What Gifts Does Scorpio Woman Like?

Here are 28 Ideas!

good gifts for woman

Women’s Leather Sneakers – One of the better good gifts for Scorpio woman is this pair of fashionable and cool women’s sneakers. They’re comfortable, cool and available in three colors schemes which all are based on the white 100% leather woven upper.  It has a standard lace up vamp, synthetic sole and a comfy cushioned foot bed.

best gifts for woman

14K Yellow Gold Round Pendant – This is one of the best gifts for Scorpio woman. It’s expensive, so you probably want to get a few of your tribe members to pitch in and buy it together. It’s a scorpion-themed 14 karat yellow gold round reversible pendant necklace. It’s hand polished and handcrafted and includes a choice of four lengths of the gold chain to ensure it fits her right.

best birthday gifts for woman

3 Piece White China Coffee Set – One of the best birthday gifts for Scorpio woman you can find is this 3 piece white China ceramic cup set. It’s a perfect high-quality, elegant, ceramic coffee cup for her early morning coffee or tea. It’s finely crafted with the scorpion-themed constellation and zodiac sign. This set includes a spoon and a cover which can also be used as a coaster.

gift for woman valentine's day

Expandable Bangle Bracelet – This is the best gift for Scorpio woman valentine’s day you can find.  You know she loves bangle bracelets. Here is a special edition one with a scorpion theme and decorated with Swarovski yellow Topaz birthstone crystals. The fixed water sign of the scorpion woman dances through her resourceful and brave energies to manifest her dreams into reality.


Black Triangle Cups 2-Piece Lingerie – Here is the prefect gift for her. It’s a sexy black triangle cupped 2 piece lingerie bra and panty set that will break the thermometer after one glance.  The sheer cups of the bra covers just enough to compete with the adjustable black straps accented with hook closures. The matching thong cut panty has a strap waistband and a teasing red bow accessory with a charm with of the scorpion sign.

Scorpio female

Women’s Scorpio Leopard Patent – Here is a fabulous Scorpio female gift that is available in 3 colors. These leopard colored pumps are perfect for all day and night wear with the soft cell technology that makes them super comfortable. They’re fashionable enough for the office and with a 2 and a half inch heel, perfect for that special dinner with your beau. It will match almost all of your outfits and  you’ll feel like such a lady in them. They’re super easy to slip on and off.

Scorpio women gift

Funny Women’s Wide Neck T-shirt – Here is a fine and dandy Scorpio women gift that you can find for her. This funny top ten rules of the scorpion females is sure to give everyone a well-deserved laugh. It’s a women’s wide neck, tri-blend T-shirt that is unbelievably comfortable and soft with the new fabric made of polyester, cotton and rayon blended together. It’s available in 3 colors. She’ll love it because it’s so cozy. You’ll love it for your own reasons.

best gifts

Big Plush Beach Towel – One of the best gifts for the scorpion woman is this very large and plush super soft beach towel. It’s extremely well made and it’s blend of colors and simple graphics of the zodiac sign and name and a list of typical traits makes it easy to spot on the beach or anywhere else you may bring it out to. It’s also great for picnics or outdoor concerts or all types of water sports.

great gift

3 Piece Travel Set – Here is a great gift for the scorpion-signed women. You already knows she loves to travel so here is the perfect gift for her. It’s a 3-piece scorpion-themed travel set including a luggage tag, a passport wallet and a clear document clutch. Give her the gift of getting in and of baggage claim quickly and through customs easily with this easy to use and truly convenient gift.

Scorpio woman gifts

Women’s Leather Wallet – One of the best Scorpio woman gifts that you can find for her is this stylish women’s leather wallet clutch. It’s pink colored so it’s easy to spot and it’s large capacity makes it super practical as the perfect clutch for the scorpion lady. The zodiac constellation sign is right in the middle of the larger side. It has two large compartments for cash and an internal zippered coin pouch and 8 card slots.  The outside three sided zipper zips up quickly.

Scorpio's gift

Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser/Humidifier – Here’s a great Scorpio’s gift for her that you can find. It’s a cool mist humidifier electric aromatherapy ultrasonic air humidifier essential oil diffuser. It creates soothing and relaxing energies to help her chill out and pamper herself with restorative enhanced energy. It’s also works as a great night light for the little ones. Let her treat her mind, body and spirit with some relaxing and healing energies.

great gifts Scorpio woman

Gold-Plated Pendant Necklace – Certainly you have to agree that most women like jewelry gifts, right?  Here is one of the better great gifts Scorpio woman will love. It’s this beautiful, stylish and yellow gold-plated brass zodiac-signed pendant necklace with a singular sign charm. Comes with a 16 inch chain, a lobster clasp and an excellent price.  Stand in line to compliment her on how lovely she looks with this gift.

good gift

Blanket Picnic Mat – Here is a good gift for the scorpion woman in your life. How about giving her a gift that you can enjoy together.  It’s a fold-able and portable picnic blanket mat that’s 57 inches by 59 inches when it’s unfolded. It’s made of high-quality, durable and waterproof canvas cloth. It’s perfect for music festival lawn seating, a picnic, a trip to the beach or even a home gaming blanket. Folds up into an easy to carry compact roll with a shoulder strap.

Scorpio women

Women’s Dangle Earrings – Here is a cute and stylish gift for the Scorpio women in your life. It’s a pair of beautiful dangle earrings with a warning illustration of her sign. Remember, she has the ultimate acid test. Clip-on earrings are also in stock, so it doesn’t matter if she has pierced ears or not. She’ll feel confident and fashionable wearing these fun earrings.

female best

Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Here is a great female best scorpion-signed gift. It’s an attractive pre-shrunk women’s long sleeve T-shirt with the ‘I can’t-miss-it scorpion sign’ right smack in the middle of the belly.  It’s comfortable and will compliment her curvy classic female fit. Choose from 9 colors which will all make her look lovely.

presents for Scorpio

Ergonomic Pillow – When it comes to great presents for Scorpio ladies, check out this ergonomic pillow. Too many of us perpetuate bad posture by rounding our shoulders as we type and sit at our desks. Over time it becomes worse but here is a pillow that will start healing her posture.  It’s a back cushion that helps support the spine’s lumbar bones and it’s suitable for chairs, couches, and even beds. Give her the gift of good posture.


Sports Bra – Here is a great gift for the Scorpion ladies you know, especially if they’re athletic. It’s a perfectly fitting sports bra that is lightweight and breathable that’s perfect for all sorts of sports.


Women’s Yoga Pants – The scorpion woman likes to keep fit, so this pair of zodiac sign Yoga pants is perfect for her. The design is pretty funny or cool depending on how you look at it – a black heart stinger. They’re breathable and moisture-wicking so they’re comfortable to wear year round.

best gifts

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Here is one of the better Scorpio themed gifts for her. It’s a cool star sign themed pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. He’ll love the minimalist sign design on the earflaps and the HiFi folding stereo noise-canceling headphones.

birthday gift

Zodiac Pendant Necklace – Here is a great birthday gift for her. It’s a 14 karat rose gold pendant necklace with a nice solid round natural Citrine birthstone prominently shown off as the centerpiece to this gorgeous jewelry. Have a few tribe members pinch in if it’s too much for you alone.

how to surprise a woman

All-Natural Organic Soy Candle – Wondering how to surprise a Scorpio woman? Easy, get her this all-natural organic soy candle which you can both enjoy together. This candle has hints of bergamot, lemon peels and green day lilies on a base of ginger, nutmeg and warm musk and floral notes of hyacinth, freesia and peony scents. With a burn time of 40 – 50 hours, you can make a whole weekend getaway with each other and this candle.

Scorpio birthday presents

Red Agate Healing Bracelet – One of the best Scorpio birthday presents for her is this conspicuous  scorpion-signed red Agate healing bracelet. Agate pushes out negative vibes and helps the wearer face their truth. It comes in two sizes. Help her tap into the unconditional love surrounding her.

Scorpio woman hobbies

Deluxe Yoga Mat – When it comes to Scorpio woman hobbies, they’re a good bet that many of them are into yoga. Here is a beautiful yoga mat that is extra-thick, durable but lightweight with a two-sided anti-slip cushioned surface.  It includes a practical portable bag for transporting it around.

When a Scorpio man gives you a gift

Men’s Pullover Jacket – When a Scorpio man gives you a gift, reciprocate with this perfect present. Here is a cool and cozy men’s pullover full zippered jacket that will keep him warm.  He’d rather have you keeping him warm this winter, but he’ll take the jacket in the meantime.

Scorpio giving gifts

14k Solid Yellow Gold Ring – When it comes to Scorpio giving gifts, jewelry is always a good choice. Here is a 14 karat solid yellow gold ring with some round cubic-zirconia stone accents that would make a great present.

Scorpio gift set

Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket – Here is a perfect Scorpio gift set present for her. It’s a coffee set gift basket  with 5 high-quality gourmet coffees that will surely please the coffee connoisseurs in your tribe. It also includes a nice coffee mug, a set of coasters and a Biscotti cookie.

unique gifts Scorpio man

Funny Karma Tee – Here is one of the most unique gifts Scorpio man that you can ever come across. It’s the “Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me” T-shirt in women and men sizes. You gotta love the slogan on this Tee. 

buying a Scorpio a gift

Zodiac Decals – When it comes to buying a Scorpio a gift, here is a fun and playful gift that they will love. It’s a set of scorpion decals in all sorts or sizes and quantities. There are 10 sets already available but you can create your own set just for you. They stick to any clean smooth surfaces like glass metal.

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