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When it comes to good gifts for Libra Woman, consider these important points.  At first, the Libra woman comes across as the damsel in distress tied up on the train tracks who needs rescuing but quickly morphs into the Admiral of a large naval force. She knows more than she says, thinks more than she speaks and understands more than you realize.

She’s as graceful, tactful, charming and peaceful as the Libra man, but she’s super intelligent and becomes bossy because she knows how to press your buttons in a gentle and alluring way. Yeah, that seductive and romantic side of her can suddenly come into play because she’s always in love with her partner. Check out our list of extraordinarily good gifts for Libra woman.

27 good gifts for Libra woman

What Gifts Does Libra Woman Like?

Here are 27 Ideas!

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Red Agate Healing Bracelet – One of the better good gifts for Libra woman is this eye-catching  Libran red Agate healing bracelet. The natural red agate gemstone helps the wearer to push through her negative energy blocks and face the truth of her actual feelings. It also aids the wearer to recognize red flags and other danger signs. This bracelet comes in two sizes and will help her tap into the unconditional love surrounding her.

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14K Yellow Gold Round Pendant – Here is one of the best gifts for Libra woman. It’s a scales-themed 14 karat yellow gold reversible and round pendant necklace. It’s handcrafted and hand polished and includes a choice of four lengths of a gold chain to ensure it fits her right. This is an expensive gift, so we suggest pooling the tribe together and make it a team gift. It’ll be worth it for all of you and her. She’ll love it.

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Women’s Leather Wallet – One of the best birthday gifts for Libra woman is this stylish women’s leather wallet clutch. It’s a pink colored large capacity practical and high-quality clutch for the Librian lady. The zodiac constellation sign is right in the middle of the larger side. It has two large compartments for cash and an internal zippered coin pouch and 8 card slots.  The outside zipper on three sides can be zipped up quickly. Perfect for all Libran ladies.

gift for woman valentine

Expandable Bangle Bracelet – A great gift for Libra woman valentine day is this scales-signed expandable bangle bracelet. It has 14 karat gold plating with gold pink Swarovski crystal birthstones. The cardinal sign woman of the scales mingles her physical, mental and spirituals energies into a celestial dance that creates her own reality. That’s where she’s at. This gift is also available as a set which includes a constellation necklace with the same metals and crystals.

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Tight Fit Climbing Shoe – One of the unique gift ideas for the Libran women who likes to rock climb is this cute, stable and durable tight fitting rock climbing shoes. It balances beautiful style with great performance. It’s made from top quality materials including a hemp inner lining with moisture wicking properties, a leather body, and a super sticky rubber sole. On belay.

Libra woman gifts

Funny Racerback Tank Top – One of the better Libra woman gifts for her is this cute racerback styled tank top with a cool and funny slogan on it. It’s made of a tri-blend material of polyester, ringspun cotton and rayon for a super soft and comfortable fit. It’s available in 6 colors so let her choose one.

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Funny Sunflower T-shirt – Here is a good gift for your Libran girl. It’s a women’s classic cut T-shirt with a funny but true slogan about this woman keeping her knowledge close to her vest. She’s got the intuition, sensitivity and knowledge to understand what the outcome will be. It’s made of 100% preshrunk cotton for a comfortable and soft fit. Do your part because she’s waiting for this gift.

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Funny Hoodie – Here is a great gift for the Libran lady in your tribe. It’s a cool and funny multi-apparel gift. Choose from a classic T-shirt or a standard pullover hoodie which both have the same funny slogan but different price points. Both are black with white and violet colors on the slogan and the scale sign on the front.  The hoodie has all the usual features you would expect and the T-shirt is lightweight. Both are  stylish.


Gold-Plated Pendant Necklace – Almost all women like jewelry, and if your Libran-lady is in the group that does, here is a stylish and beautiful gold-plated zodiac-signed pendant necklace. It’s stylish, beautiful and is made of yellow gold-plated brass with a singular sign charm. It has a 16 inch chain, a lobster clasp and an excellent price. Watch as the compliments roll in with this gift.


Laughing Travel Mug – A perfect Libra’s gift is this funny  travel tumbler mug. It’s a 14 ounce double walled stainless steel travel mug with a great slogan on it. Laughter is a great way to dispose of stress and will probably extend her life.  Simple solutions and a simple life are the best.


Women’s Tote-Bag – One of the best presents for her is this women’s Libra-signed tote bag. This fun trendy designed bag is made with premium quality water resistance nylon.  It’s available in two sizes but this is the larger one. It has a durable drawstring closure and zippered interior pocket for personal items. There are also a lot of other designs available with the zodiac wheel or the sun and planets or the moon.


Personal Diary – Here is a great gift for the Libran lady in your life. It’s a lockable soft faux leather cover with stable and durable stitching. It has pages explaining the 12 constellation overviews and plenty of lined paper for writing and some blank pages for drawings or plans for her future. It’s perfect for the creative women with the scales.

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Funny 3 Sides Tee – Here is the perfect simple Libra gift for her.  It’s a funny, “I have three sides” slogan T-shirt that will make you all laugh. This T-shirt has a ladies style cut and is made from comfortable soft cotton. It’s available in 2 colors. It’s perfect for the Libran girl that has a good sense of humor.


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Funny White Beer Stein – If she likes beer and she’s an angel, here is one of the perfect presents for her. It’s a white ceramic sturdy 22 ounce beer stein with a funny slogan. The slogan is “God found some of the most beautiful angels and made they Libra girls”. This is the perfect chance to get everyone together to have a keg party.

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Ingredients Scented Candle – Here is the perfect present for your wife, girlfriend or lover. It’s a Libran ingredients calming vanilla scented candle made from 100% soy wax. Our favorite ingredients on this list is sarcastic and spontaneous. Ask her to meet you at a place you both enjoy and like to go to together. Then gift this too her and give her “the look” so you can both race back home hand-in-hand to enjoy this candle together.

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Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Here is the perfect gift for the women with the scales who’s in your life. Does she like music? Duh. So why not gift her this pair of cool wireless Libran-signed Bluetooth HiFi  headphones. She’ll love the over the ear folding and cushioned stereo noise-canceling ear pads on this set. Rock on!

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Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket – The  coffee connoisseurs in your tribe love their gourmet coffees and can chat constantly about them. She likes her coffee too, so here is a great gift for her, a Libran-signed coffee set gift basket. It includes a simple black on white scales sign on a coffee mug. But more importantly, it has 5 high-quality gourmet coffees that they’re all want to try . It includes a Biscotti cookie and a set of coasters too.

Libra's birthday

3 Piece Travel Set – Here is a great present for the female Libra’s birthday celebration, especially if she likes to travel. It’s a 3 piece travel set that is Libran-themed and includes a passport wallet, a luggage tag, and a clear document clutch. What a practical and convenient gift. The gift of getting her in and out of customs and baggage claim from all airport she travels through.

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Zodiac Sign Earrings – One of the better female Libra gifts you can find to give to her is this cute and stylish pair of zodiac sign earrings. They’re a beautiful pair of dangle earrings with a clear illustration of her sign. They have clip-on non-pierced earrings in stock too. So it doesn’t matter if she has pierced ears or not. She’ll feel confident and fashionable wearing these fun earrings.

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Shower Slippers – One of the best gifts for Libra friend is this pair of Libran-themed non-slip shower slippers. This pair of slippers are made from EVA which is a high-end rubber-like plastic which offers excellent slip resistance to these slippers. They’re available in two colors and for sizes 6-15 for men and women.

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Funny 20 Ounce Tumbler – One of the best Libra zodiac gifts you can find for her is this very large Libran-themed tumbler. This tumbler can hold 20 ounces of hot or cold beverages and has a very funny slogan on it. It’s made with a vacuum insulated double wall stainless steel technology so her hot drinks will stay hot and her cold drinks will stay cold. It’s available in 2 colors.

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Functional Metal Wall Art – One of the greatest Libra themed gifts for her is this dramatic and cool functional metal wall art. Each zodiac sign is made-to-order and is cut from 1/8 inch steel and offset from the wall by hanging brackets that enhance the art with cool shadows. There are lots of colors to choose from but we recommend Rusty Eden Green for Libra. It’s her color.

Do guys like gifts

Etched Metal Belt Buckle – Do Libra guys like gifts? Of course they do. Here is a custom etched metal belt buckle that he’ll love. This handmade made-to-order belt buckle can be customized. Ask him to choose which metal he wants out of copper, brass or nickel silver or decide yourself.  This belt buckle can become a family heirloom because it’s made so well. But make it an even better present by adding a leather belt too.

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Blue Opal Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace – Here is on the the best gifts for Libra mom that you can find. It’s a Libran-signed Blue/White Opal constellation pendant necklace. There are four designs available with either white or blue opal gemstones with a white gold plating to prevent tarnishing. These necklace are beautiful and stylish and will look great hanging from her neck. It also includes a sterling silver clavicle chain.

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Funny Wine Tumbler – Are you wondering how to surprise a Libra woman? It’s pretty straight forward. Invite her to an outdoor sunset picnic in a setting that you both know and love. As you open the wine or pop the champagne cork, surprise her with this funny and durable 12 ounce wine tumbler. Have some wine, watch the sunset, and then check out the next item on this list for an idea about what to do later that night.

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Naughty Scented Candle – One of the most romantic ideas for a Libra man is this best-selling Libran-themed woman gift which is a soy scented candle with sex positions and exotic aromatherapy properties. These candles are 100% coconut and soy bean wax. The natural aromatherapy components are Apricot, Coconut, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oils. Each candle has a burn time of about 40 hours.  How long can you last?


Libra Natural Perfume – Here is a small travel version of the Libra Natural Perfume with all-natural essential plant oils and Jojoba oiled mixed into it. It has a traditional bridal bouquet smell that is sweet and flowery with woody undertones. It’s delivered in a 10 ml reusable roll-on glass bottle that is perfect for traveling with.

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