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When it comes to good gifts for Gemini woman, consider these important points. They embody the duality of life so they are excellent mediators when controversial situations come up. They use their light, flirtatious and humorous traits to their advantage which is why they have so many friends. She’s intelligent, enthusiastic and loves living life to the fullest.

She’s very communicative and sociable and likes to have fun but sometimes detaches and gets very serious. The twins have two personalities so get used to it. Don’t worry if she detaches because she’ll come back soon. Here’s a list of good gifts for Gemini woman that will resonate with her.

23 Good Gifts for Gemini Woman

What Gifts Do Gemini Woman Like?

Here are 23 Ideas!

good gifts for Gemini woman

Crossbody Handbag – Here is one of the better good gifts for woman that you can come over. is this cute handbag. It’s a cute crossbody handbag that has a small part of it which can be detached and used as a fanny pack with a key chain. It is a great gift for your women friend or girlfriend and she’ll use it constantly if you gift it to her.  If she’s happy, you’re happy.

best gifts for Gemini woman

Printed Turtleneck Pullover Hoodie – Among the best gifts for Gemini woman is definitively this girl hoodie. It’s stylish and cute and will make the twins force palpable  to every one around her. Although it has the most hoodie accessories it doesn’t have a pocket, so it’s  more like a sweatshirt. That doesn’t matter right? She looks great in a cute sweatshirt.

best birthday gifts for Gemini woman

Cubic Charm Pendant Necklace – Does your twins lady enjoy jewelry? Of course she does. One of the best birthday gifts for Gemini woman is this 14 karat yellow gold Gemini pendant necklace. They are hand crafted and  hand polished. The stones are Zirconia and the quality is excellent. You can choose what length of the necklace you want as well as who you want to give this to.

Gemini lady

Tall Wine Glass – Among the best presents for the Gemini lady is this nice and cool wine glass they they will love to use. The glass is big and  personalized with the twins sign which means duality which they deal with every day, but it’s etched into the glass. She will love this glass because it’s sturdy and big so the they don’t have to refill that much.

great gift

Women’s Best Freakin’ Girl Ever T-shirt – This funny T-shirt is a great gift for the twins woman in your life. She knows she’s the best. You know it too, so why not let her know how you feel about her by gifting her this Tee. It’s a simple and classic T-shirt that will let everyone know who she is.

Gemini woman gifts

Woman’s Coffee Mug  – Among the best Gemini woman gifts is this jumbo coffee mug that has a great affirmation to start her day. It’s a simple and tasteful white porcelain mug with the twins sign and constellation on it. More importantly, the affirmation of “keep going” will inspire her to keep on the trail she’s already on.

Gemini women

His and Her Titanium Wedding Anniversary Rings Set  – Here is a good gift for all Gemini women. It’s a set of two wedding, anniversary or engagement rings. When you’re ready to pop the question, not only surprise her with this gift but also gift yourself with these two tone silver and rose gold set of rings. What a great beginning to the best relationship you will ever have.


Love of Double Heart Designed Cuff Bracelet – If you know a twins girl that appreciates the bling factor, this Swarovski crystals bracelet is among the best twins girl gifts you can come across. It’s the perfect gift for a young girl or even an older woman as it is absolutely gorgeous and it looks more expensive than it is.  The design is centered on the two hearts which perfectly matches her energy.


Soular Therapy ‘eau de toilette’ – This Soular Therapy eau de toilette is the perfect gift for your twins woman. It has the fresh clean scent of linden and lemon verbena oils that will sooth her body and soul. The air energy of the twins sign is enhanced by the yellow sun energy that raises her communication clarity and wisdom.

perfect gift

Queen Racerback Tank – This is the perfect gift for the woman who likes to stay in shape. It’s a simple and attractive “Queen Gemini” racerback tank top that will look excellent on her as she does her workout. Simple is best.

gift ideas

Laptop Carrying Neoprene Sleeve Case – Among the best gift ideas for the twins is this durable, soft and perfectly sized laptop waterproof sleeve case. It comes in four sizes from 11 inches to 17 inches so there is a size for everyone.  It has a great design of all the zodiac constellations on it and has three zippered compartments, two hidden inside and a removable shoulder strap. Make her happy with this present.

birthday gift

Silver Zodiac Pendant – Among the best birthday gift for your twins woman is this solid sterling silver handcrafted pendant. It’s polished finish makes it seem more expensive than it is. This is a great gift for your twins girlfriend, wife, mom or daughter.


Sleeky Girl T-Shirt – This T-shirt is over the top. It’s a great happy gift for the twins woman. Simple and cute. The slogan on the shirt might be hard to see due to the script writing, but it says, “Gemini Grind, Pray and Slay”. Let your twins woman have a laugh when she receives this. She’ll love it.

unique gift ideas

Funny Women’s Watch – This crazy watch is among the unique gift ideas you can happen upon. It’s theme is “Who cares, I’m already late”. This watch is a perfect present for the twins lady. It’s stylish enough to wear to work and casual enough for a night out with the girls. Surprise her with this unique gift.

best birthday gift for Gemini

Duvet Cover Set King Size With 3 Piece Bedding Set – The best birthday gift for Gemini woman is this twins-themed bedding set which has a great design. It comes with a duvet cover for a king size bed and two pillow cases. Give your twins woman the gift of a perfect’s night’s rest.  She’ll love to go to bed with this bed set waiting for her.

How to surprise a woman

Tory Burch Women’s Cross-Body Handbag – How to surprise a woman? Give her a totally an over the top, awesome handbag as a gift. This Tory Burch cross-body women’s patent leather hand bag is the perfect size. She can stow away up to a seven inch tablet inside of it so all smart phones will also fit.  A tasteful and beautiful present.

Gemini themed gifts

Funny Women’s Tank Top – Among the Gemini themed gifts is this funny and irreverent tank top with an excellent slogan. It has a great slim fit and is made with comfortable light material. This tank top will look excellent on your twin’s woman.

gifts for Gemini man

Funny T-Shirt for Men – Among the gifts for Gemini man is this funny ‘nutritional facts’ T-shirt that lists the most popular traits that the twins possess. We like the “tell-it-as-it-is” trait which they always do. Although 200% may be a bit high. Anyway, it’s a fabulous present for your twins man.

Gemini gift and curse

Crystal Healing Set – This crystal healing set is the prefect gift for Gemini gift and curse which will help you heal you and block any curses those bitter ex’s are wishing for you. This set includes Opalite, raw Blue Calcite, clear Quartz and a handmade small floral smudge stick.  It also comes in a nice package with a description of the benefits from all of the stones included.

Gemini gifts by Tiffany

Tiffany Sunglasses Solid Black & Brown – Among the Gemini gifts by Tiffany are these beautiful and stylish sunglasses. These sunglasses are exclusive and stylish and come with a certificate from Tiffany. This is a great gift for the twin’s woman in your life. 

Do Geminis like gifts

Silver Crescent Moon Glass Pendant Necklace – Do Geminis like gifts? Of course they do, just like everyone else. This is a beautifully designed pendant and will make the perfect present for your twins female. The size is right, the price is right and she will definitively hear lots of compliments when she wears it.

What type of gifts do Gemini's like

Short Kimono Solid Satin Lounge Robe – What type of gifts do Gemini’s like? The twins woman definitely loves the girly girl type of clothes so this short kimono satin lounge robe is the perfect gift for her. She’ll be wearing it all the time when she’s chilling out in her own space. It’s comfortable, sexy and very reasonable.

Re Besta June Birthstone White Pearl Necklace Sterling Silver Jewelry Gifts for Women Gemini Constellation Love Heart Necklace Anniversary Birthday Gifts for Her Women Wife 18" + 2" Changeable Chain

Women Constellation Zodiac Sterling Silver Necklace – When it comes to gifts that Gemini woman love, excellent jewelry is always at the top of the list. Here is a lovely constellation zodiac 925 Sterling Silver necklace that she’ll stick to like a magnet. It’s not too big, about the size of a quarter but it also has a nice counterbalanced White Pearl lucky stone right in the middle of it’s design.

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