taurus zodiac sign When it comes to good gifts for a Taurus woman, consider these strong traits they possess.  The highly traditional and going by the book Taurus ladies are not to be trifled with. They’re strong-willed, calm and independent and they know what they want and go after it.

She’s a one-man woman whose known to be possessive, somewhat materialistic, and self-indulgent but on the better side is also loyal, friendly, practical and determined. Here is a list of high-quality good gifts for a Taurus woman. Splurge on her once in awhile.

28 good gifts for a taurus woman

What Gifts Do A Taurus Woman Like?

Here are 28 Ideas!

Sterling Forever (Tarus) Women?s Zodiac Necklace - Zodiac Sign Necklace, Gold Plated (Tarus)

Gold-Plated Sterling Necklace – One of the better good gifts for a Taurus woman is this beautiful and stylish zodiac necklace which is unique in terms of style and price. It’s made of yellow gold-plated brass and has a singular zodiac sign charm which hangs from the 16 inch chain. Easy on and off with a easy to use lobster claw clasp. It’s fun and full of love and romance, so make sure she gets the compliments she deserves. 

Stemless Aerating Wine Glass by Chevalier Collection (Set of 2) - Patented Wine Glass With Built In Aerator

Aerating Wine Tumbler (Set of 2) – Here is one of the best gifts for a Taurus woman you can give to her. It’s a set of 2 stemless, high-quality, aerating wine tumbler glasses. These glasses with a built-in aerator fits comfortably in her hand and is really entertaining to watch when the wine is poured and it starts flowing out of the aerating holes. The glasses are lightweight and most importantly, lets you sip that aerated red wine quicker.

Taurus Girl Doesn't Come to Play Funny Birthday Gift Shirt - Tshirt

Funny Birthday T-Shirt – Here is one of the best birthday gifts for a Taurus woman that you can come across. It has a funny slogan about the Taurean lady that we can’t dispute. Although we are showing the T-shirt version, there are also 3 variations of tank tops and a full hoodie also available on the page. So choose which one of those would look best on her or let her choose it herself.

School Bags Astrology,Taurus Girl with Horns Maleficent Zodiac Stars Venus Beauty Graphic Design Decorative,Navy Red Brown for Boys&Girls Mens Sport Daypack

Taurus Girl Backpack – Here is a great  present for the young Taurus lady in your life. It’s a bull-themed daypack with a beautiful Taurean woman with horns illustrated on it. It’s lightweight and made of Oxford cloth. Everyone needs to haul a bunch of stuff around these days and what could be more practical then a backpack. So if you’re going to get a backpack as a present, you might as well get a cool looking one.  It’s perfect for day trips.

SARA NELL Men & Women Classics Crew Socks Zodiac Sign Taurus Funny Crazy Unique Thick Warm Cotton Crew Winter Socks Personalized Gift Socks

Sweat-Wicking Warm Socks – Here is a great gift of classic crew socks with a unique and fun illustration of the bull constellation on them. These socks are comfortable, warm, and lightweight. But more importantly, these socks use new fabric technologies to keep your feet dry by sucking the moisture out of the fabric which is called sweat-wicking. They’re also surprisingly breathable.

P-H BALSCW Preserved Fresh Flower 12 Constellation Eternal Rose for Birthday Girl Creative Gifts, Taurus taurus4.20-5.20

Preserved Red Rose – One of the best gifts for women is without question this preserved fresh flower. This red rose will stay fresh for 3 to 5 years without withering. The trick is that it’s dehydrated so as long as you keep it clean and indoors, it should last for many years. The gift box which is a retro styled pewter holder it comes in is also it’s forever resting place.  How cool is that?

KaBloom Gift Basket Collection: Chocolate From Around The World Gourmet Gift Box

Gourmet Chocolate Assortment – Yes, of course your self-indulging bull-signed lady loves chocolate. Who doesn’t? Here is a gourmet gift basket of chocolates from around the world that will be a favorite gift for her. It is packed with a variety of famous gourmet chocolates from around the globe. Click on this link to see the full details of the fine variety of delicious chocolates in this set.

Taurus Zodiac Sign Astrology Horoscope Round Medallion Pendant For Men Women Necklace Antiqued Sterling Silver

Round Sterling Silver Pendant – Here is a fabulous gift for the Taurean lady in your life. It’s a perfectly circular sterling silver medallion pendant. It’s perfectly sized, not too large or too small and it has a lot of detail in the round charm. The bull lady has a great sense of style and she’ll love this gift and it will become her go to necklace whether it’s a formal dinner or a night out with the girls.

Taurus Girl Take A Second to Thank God Funny Birthday Gift Shirt - Tank Top Black/Grey

Funny Birthday Tank top, T-Shirt – Here is a incredibly funny gift for Taurus women that you can come across. It has a funny slogan about the Taurean lady that will make you LOL.  This gift is available in 3 types of tank tops, one T-shirt version and a full hoodie selection also. Which one of them do you think she’ll  look best in?  Make your decision and choose the proper size also.

Zealot Jewelry Tungsten Horoscope Taurus Band Ring 8mm Men Women Comfort Fit Black Step Bevel Edge Brushed Polished Size 10

Tungsten Ring – Here is one of the better Taurus woman gifts you can give to  her. Are you ready to propose or just want to step up one more rung of the ladder of commitment. Whatever your position is, this is still a truly fabulous ring that she will proudly wear. This ring is a sleek and modern design that comes in 18 different styles and colors all of which have the bull sign etched into it. Check out all of the designs and figure out her ring size.

ArtsyMod TAURUS GIRL, ZODIAC SIGN Premium Coffee Mug, PERFECT HOROSCOPE GIFT FOR TAUREAN, APRIL MAY BIRTHDAY WOMAN! Attractive Durable White Ceramic Mug (15oz., Circle Background)

Cool Coffee Mug – Here is a perfect present for the bull-signed women in your life. It’s a simple, attractive and charming Taurean coffee cup. It has a cool design of the bull horns built up by her hairdo in the image. Very cool. It’s available in 2 sizes, 11 ounces and 15 ounces and also you can choose 2 backgrounds, the circle or the floral design. This gift will keep her calm and grounded.

Mila Tees I Hate Being Sexy But Im A Taurus So Can't Help it

I Hate Being Sexy T-shirt – Here is a good gift idea for the Taurean lady in your life. She likes styling and she likes laughing. She’s calm and collected and grounded like the true earth element girl she is. Help her level up on the styling and the laughing with this hilarious woman bull-themed T-shirt.

Muziwenju Women's 12 Constellation Leather Wallet, Clutch, Big Travel Wallet, Women's Zipper Wallet, Women's Boxed Gift, Love Gift (Pink) Latest Style, Practical (Color : Taurus)

Women’s Zipper Leather Clutch – Here is a great gift for the Taurus female you have in your life. Here is a nice, large capacity stylish and practical pink high-quality leather wallet clutch. The design shows the zodiac constellation sign right in the middle of it’s larger side. It has also has a zipper that can be closed on three sides. It has a slew of pockets and slots for all sorts of things that ladies carry with them.

Constellation Zodiac Sign Taurus Women's A-Line Chiffon Blouse Shirt Tops

Chiffon Blouse – Here is a perfect Taurus gift for her. It’s a charming, lightweight, soft and sexy chiffon blouse for the bull-signed female. Convince her to push the blouse ruffles down across the shoulders below the neckline to make her even more easy on the eyes from every perspective. Both you and she’ll love the way she looks in this blouse.

Franzibla Women's Constellation Zodiac Sign Taurus One Piece Swimsuit Swimwear Bikini

One Piece Swimsuit – Does your bull-signed girl like to go to the beach or pool? If so, here is a great bull-themed, zodiac-signed one piece swimsuit that would look fabulous on her. It’s comfortable and durable and can stretch where is needs to increase her comfort. Take her out for a meal or a drink after a lazy day at the beach.

Taurus Bath Mat,3 Piece Bathroom Rug Set,Contour Rugs Mat for Men Women KidsZodiac on Bull Figure with Geometric Triangle Over Space Background,Violet Purple White

3-piece Bath mats – Here’s a gift at the top of the list of the best gifts for the Taurean woman in your life. It’s this 3-piece bath mat set. This set includes a non-slip bath mat with an anti-skid rubber bottom, a toilet lid cover and a contour rug that will fit snugly against the toilet bowl stand. There are 3 different bull-signed designs to choose from. We like blue and turtles so we choose this one. Choose one for her.

Constellation Zodiac Sign Taurus Women's Yoga Harem Pants

Yoga Harem Pants – One of the great gift ideas for the Taurus woman is these comfortable, stretchy and baggy style yoga harem pants. These loose-fitting yoga pants are the complete opposite of the snug compression-style type of yoga gear. These baggy yogi pants have an elastic waistband and an adjustable draw cord that lets her body muscles breath and become more flexible.

Jubenlcai Taurus Lunch Bag Adjustable Strap

Insulated Neoprene Lunch Bag Here is the perfect gift for your bull-signed woman. This is a over-sized insulated lunch tote that can keep food and drink at the proper temperature longer than other lunch bags. This one is specifically designed for picnics, tail gates and other outside events with mother nature.

Steel Stemless Wine Glass Tumbler, Cool Taurus Vacuum Insulated Wine Tumbler, I Was Like Most Women Was Your First Mistake Wine Tumbler (Wine Tumbler 12Oz - Red)

Funny Women’s Wine Tumbler – When the time comes around to celebrate a happy birthday for the bull-signed lady, gift her this stainless steel wine tumbler with a funny slogan on it. The slogan describes the very true characteristics of her perfectly. It comes in two colors and it’s ideal for traveling, camping and road trips where ever you’re going. It includes a free plastic lid that’s like an adult-sized sippy cup.

Constellation Zodiac Sign Taurus Women's 3D Printed Sleeveless Hoodie

Sleeveless Hoodie –  Here is a cool looking and exotic sleeveless hoodie for your Taurean lady. It’s made mostly from polyester but has a little spandex in it too to make it snug and sexy. It includes the usual features like a drawstring hood, a kangaroo pocket and an elastic waistband. Let her show off her finely toned arms and her slim waist with this awesome gift for her.

Funny Taurus Facts Tshirt Birthday Gift for Men, Dad, Husband Unisex Tshirt - tee Sweatshirt

Funny Sweatshirt – Among the best gifts for Taurus man is this funny and cool long sleeved sweatshirt. It’s made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester which is fashioned through an air jet to make a softer yarn with minimal pilling. It has a slogan that promises quite a cruel end to the fool who pissed off the male bull. That’s not very intelligent. Hey, don’t look at me, I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Lumos3DPrint Constellation Zodiac Sign Taurus Women's 3D Printed Turtleneck Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

Turtleneck Pullover Sweatshirt – Are you wondering how to celebrate a Taurus birthday?  It’s easy as pie. Make reservations at a place to get everyone in the tribe together and have some food and drinks and give some presents. Here is a great, stylish, and cute pullover sweatshirt that will make her bull energies palpable  to everyone there. Although it has the many of the some hoodie features, it doesn’t have a kangaroo pocket. Who cares,? She’ll look so cute and great in this sweatshirt.

Lumos3DPrint Constellation Zodiac Sign Taurus Women's Cropped Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt

Cropped Hoodie – Are you trying to figure out how to surprise a Taurus woman? Surprise her with this cool, cute and sexy women’s cropped pullover hoodie sweatshirt. It has some of the hoodie features but not all.  It doesn’t have a kangaroo pocket and it’s sort of short around the midriff. She’ll look so amazing and sexy in this that you’ll want to hug her and not let go.

Taurus Zodiac Candle Zodiac Gifts Birthday Gift Birthday Candle Personalized Soy Candle Pisces Gift Star Candle Star Sign Gift for Her

Customized and Personalized Candle – Here is one of the more fabulous Taurus star sign gifts that you can give to her.  While there are many scented candles to find online, this one is unique because it prints a personalized message on the candle lid. You can also order a 9 ounce or 16 ounce sized candle. Make sure you fill out all of the options on the right side of the page. That is where you can enter your personalized message, choose the scent she  wants, select the size and type of gift wrapping etc. The perfect present for her.

12 Constellation Zodiac Signs Taurus Throw Blanket, Lightweight Warm Polyester Blankets for Bed Couch Sofa Travelling Camping, 50 x 60 Inch

Star Sign Throw Blanket – Here is one of the best gifts for a Taurus woman you can find. Here is a lightweight, warm and made out of 100% microfiber blanket. This bull-themed blanket is plush, cozy and super soft but also durable. It’s a good size at 50 inches by 60 inches. It will be cherished by her in a variety of situations like watching TV on the couch or bed but even more so at outdoor events like concerts, sporting events, picnics, BBQs, etc. It’s a perfect present during all seasons.

Lumos3DPrint Constellation Zodiac Sign Taurus Women's Sports Bra Workout Yoga Bras

Workout Sports Bra – Isn’t it just great dating a Taurus woman? She’s so determined, grounded, calm and practical.  Life is just easier when she’s around. Here is a great women’s sports workout bra that will make a great gift for her. She likes practical gifts like this. Briefs and socks would also be included in that practical list. This sports bra is comfortable, stretchy and lightweight and she’ll love the practicality of it.

Taurus Tshirt Taurus's Manifesto Respect Them Or Leave Them Alone Taurus Tshirt for Men Women

Funny Manifesto T-shirt – Does a Taurus man like gifts? Of course he does, just like everyone else, especially if they’re unique or funny or fabulous. Here is an absolutely fabulously funny version of a good gift for the Taurean man. It starts with the line “Taurus’s Manifesto, Respect Them or Leave Them Alone”.  This is the beginning of a list of very funny and spot on true phrases about the zodiac bulls. He’ll love it and will wear it all the time.

Cell Phone Bag Taurus Constellation Mini Phone Pouch Crossbody Bag with Shoulder Strap

Crossbody Bag with Shoulder Strap – There are many options and paths you can go down to get the perfect gift from all of the available Taurus items online these days. Here is the perfect present for the bull-signed ladies. It’s a synthetic leather crossbody pouch with a shoulder strap. It’s the perfect bag to stow her smartphone as well as other accessories. The bag itself has a cute illustration of a bull on it and multiple pockets and 3 credit card slots with room for other small personal items.

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